UK PM David Cameron to demo iPad app to President Obama

10.11.2012, von Karen Haslam

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is hoping to teach US President Barack Obama a thing or two about the iPad.

According to a report in the Telegraph, Cameron is keen to show Obama an iPad app, known as "Number 10 dashboard".

The app is described in a case study on this civil service website. Number 10 dashboard "was designed to give the Prime Minister, other Ministers, and senior Whitehall officials an at-a-glance overview of everything that's happening in government and elsewhere," explains the article.

"The dashboard is an internet application which the Prime Minister views on his iPad. With a few taps or swipes of his fingers, he can see very quickly what important new information has come to light, how certain government services are performing, and a selection of relevant and important news reports."

According to Alice Newton, who worked on the dashboard project, Cameron particularly liked the statistical side: "Where we could give him quotable facts about what was going on," she added: "He found it useful to have a hard evidence base."

"He liked it so much, he was looking forward to showing it to President Obama at the G8 summit," she revealed.