'I'm foolish,' fugitive anti-virus pioneer McAfee tells CNN

03.12.2012, von Jaikumar Vijayan

Fugitive anti-virus technology pioneer John McAfee, who is being sought by Belize authorities in connection with the murder of his neighbor there, as a "foolish man" in an interview televised on CNN on Sunday.

"If I were smart, would I be here" a gaunt-looking McAfee told CNN reporter Martin Savidge.

The CNN interview, conducted at an undisclosed location in Belize, was the latest of several McAfee has granted to major news outlets since going on the lam several weeks ago.

Police in Belize want to question McAfee in connection with the shooting death of his neighbor, Gregory Faul, a 52-year old American expatriate who was found dead in his home on Nov.1.

In the interview with CNN, McAfee insisted that he had nothing to do with the murder and contended that his life would be danger if he turned himself in to Belize police. He made the same claim in other recent interviews, including one with ABC News.

In a blog post Monday on a site maintained by McAfee and a group of his friends, the one-time tech-wizard claimed that he has managed to safely depart Belize, but is "not quite out of the woods yet."