The Macalope Weekly: Small sample sizes

30.12.2012, von The Macalope

If there were one useless tool of the silly technology pundit that the Macalope could smite with his mighty horns ... well, there isn't one. But making mountains out of the molehills of small or specious data sets would at least be in the top ten. (Top ten lists would be another.)

It's not good data, but it's our not good data

The anecdotal evidence is in and Apple ruled Christmas!

Woo-hoo! High five, everyone! Good work!

Yes, according to some highly scientific data points collected this week (actual science not included), Apple Stores were jam packed while Microsoft Stores were barren wastelands, and iPad sales beat sales of competing devices 5 to 1!

Well, that seals it, then. Nothing else to see here; we'll just wait for the good news when Apple reports its quarterly numbers next month.