How to get your contacts on the iPhone

15.09.2013, von Rosemary Hattersley

With the advent of Internet communication, the amount of contact information people have to remember has quadrupled. Phone numbers, email addresses, chat handles, usernames, aliases - needless to say, it can get complicated, fast. Thankfully, your device can store all of this and more in the Contacts app, which syncs across iOS to provide communication auto-completion across the board. To make sure your Contacts list is as up-to-date as possible, here are a few ways to keep things neat, organised and useful.

Import contacts

iTunes, in addition to syncing calendars, apps and email accounts, can also take care of your Contacts organisation. To sync your contacts, iTunes will require you to connect specifically with one computer. Syncing is also bi-directional - any changes made to a contact on your device will show up on the computer the next time you connect the two, and vice versa.

Use iTunes to sync contacts with Outlook, Address Book or Google

Sync with the Mac

On the Mac, your device can sync contacts from OS X's Address Book, an online Yahoo Address Book or your Google contacts. The first time you connect your phone to your Mac, iTunes will ask which contacts you want to import. You can choose to import every contact in OS X's Address Book or specify only selected groups.