Hibernia replaces Huawei for high-speed trading cable

Hibernia Network's cable project to connect New York and London traders at record speeds has resumed after coming unstuck last year, the cable company announced. » zum Artikel

Smartphones are evil: 11 weird Google Suggest results, and what they tell us about tech in 2014

Google Suggest is a feature that sees the search engine trying to complete a search query as you type words into the search engine's text box. Suggestions are meant to be ... » zum Artikel

Google has to face US privacy suit over new user data policy

A California court has allowed a privacy class action suit against Google to continue, though only in part. » zum Artikel

Apple hit with class action lawsuit for alleged labor rule violations

Apple faces in a state court in California a class action suit that its employees were not provided timely meal breaks, rest breaks and final paychecks, according to the ... » zum Artikel

Seafaring robot shrugs off monster Typhoon Rammasun

It was a storm that would terrify the bravest of mariners, but a California robot swam through it without blinking. » zum Artikel

Zero-day flaws in Tails aren't for sale, vulnerability broker says

A company that specializes in selling information on software vulnerabilities has reignited a debate over the handling of such information, especially when it pertains to ... » zum Artikel

Apple grows Mac sales by 18% on the back of the MacBook Air

Apple on Tuesday said it sold 4.4 million Macs in the June quarter, the most ever for that three-month stretch, with a year-over-year growth rate the rest of the personal ... » zum Artikel

Nigerian scammers move from gullible consumers to businesses

Nigerian scammers known for grammatically challenged email promising riches in return for a small up-front payment are moving into the business of launching malware attacks ... » zum Artikel

Brocade kitting the Australian Genome Research Facility for Big Data

The Australian Genome Research Facility has turned to Brocade to help it handle the enormous data sets that come with researching human genomes. » zum Artikel

Microsoft revenue lifted by cloud sales to businesses

Strong sales of cloud products to businesses helped lift Microsoft's revenue by 18 percent last quarter, though its profits declined. » zum Artikel

Microsoft revenue lifted by cloud sales to businesses

Due to a reporting error, the story "Microsoft revenue lifted by cloud sales to businesses," posted Tuesday, provided an incorrect breakdown of Microsoft's fourth-quarter ... » zum Artikel

How Nokia both helped and hindered Microsoft's earnings

Microsoft paid more than $7 billion for Nokia's handset and services business, and the jury is still out as to what it means for its future. In the past quarter it boosted ... » zum Artikel

Telstra unveils locations getting early access to 700MHz 4G network

Telstra has announced early access to its 700MHz 4G mobile network for Perth and other communities around Australia. » zum Artikel

Xiaomi's Mi4 brings a touch of Apple to the open world of Android

Imagine for a moment Apple decided to make a smartphone running Android. Picture the attention to detail the company would place on the software's overlay. The smartphone ... » zum Artikel

Anchor goes Openstack to boost retail website performance

Independent hosting provider, Anchor, has announced that it will launch a new high performance managed Cloud in August, with an eye to the retail market. » zum Artikel
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