Pressure mounts in Europe for strict net neutrality

Members of the European Parliament, along with civil society groups, have urged European member states to stick with strict net neutrality rules. » zum Artikel

Ubisoft apologizes for Assassin's Creed: Unity's borked launch with free DLC

Upset about the less-than-stellar technical quality of the bug-filled Assassin's Creed: Unity Ubisoft's going to try and make it better by giving you more Assassin's Creed: ... » zum Artikel

EE 4G mobile network now fully live in the Channel Tunnel

EE says its 4G mobile service is now fully live in the Channel Tunnel and has allowed more than 25,000 EE customers to connect in it over the last two months. » zum Artikel

BitDefender shows off 'Box', a home security device for the Internet of Things

Security firm BitDefender has announced a new type of home Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) device designed to make up for the inadequacies complement the capabilities of ... » zum Artikel

Data science in the forest

When Nigel Brabyn took on the newly-created role of business performance analyst at Nelson Forests Limited (NFL), one of the first things he assessed was the 'information ... » zum Artikel

Steam Exploration Sale means Black Friday's come early for PC gamers

Who needs Black Friday Not PC gamers, that's for sure. As expected, Steam launched its Thanksgiving sale today, termed the "Steam Exploration Sale." The sale will run November ... » zum Artikel

Windows tablets available for under $100

For those who want Windows on the cheap, tablets with the OS are now selling for under $100. These lightweight tablets aren't exactly laptop replacements, but can serve as ... » zum Artikel

Use Uber Snapchat Google Maps Now Twitter knows

Twitter, hungry for new data to fuel its targeted advertising, will start looking at what other apps its users have downloaded. » zum Artikel

Opera pitches all-you-can-eat app stores to mobile operators

Opera Software thinks users are ready to subscribe to mobile apps just like music and is pitching curated versions of the company's Mobile Store to operators. » zum Artikel

Apple-IBM products in November Not quite

IBM appears likely to launch the first products of its mobile partnership with Apple in December, a bit later than Apple CEO Tim Cook had predicted last month. » zum Artikel

Amazon's Fire sale: Phone is now just $199 unlocked

Amazon has cut the price for its unlocked Fire smartphone by 69% just four months after the phone first went on sale. » zum Artikel

PoS malware also targeting ticket vending machines and electronic kiosks

Cybercriminals are using malware designed to steal payment card information from point-of-sale systems to also infect ticket vending machines and electronic kiosks. » zum Artikel

5 Signs That a Vendor Won't Make It to 2020

I'm not going to call them out by name. I'm not that fond of getting nasty calls from PR folks, but I'm going to list what I think the conditions are for failure and you ... » zum Artikel

Sony's next smartwatch may have a wrap-around e-paper screen

Sony is reportedly planning a smartwatch with a wrap-around e-paper screen next year, as part of an experimental program to create more innovative products. » zum Artikel

Sony to cut smartphone and TV production next year: Will look to PS4 and imaging

Sony is set to reduce the amount of smartphones and TVs it makes next year with the aim of making profit. Also see Best smartphones 2014 and Best Android phones 2014. » zum Artikel
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