IPsoft seeks to grow the 'brains' of virtual assistants

Due to a reporting error, the story "IPsoft seeks to grow the 'brains' of virtual assistants," posted to the wire on Wednesday, contained a number of inaccuracies about the ... » zum Artikel

Researchers hope to diagnose deadly Ebola virus with nanotech

With more than 6,500 cases of the Ebola virus in West Africa, 3,000 deaths and now one confirmed case here in the United States, scientists are trying to find a way to detect ... » zum Artikel

CBS Interactive CIO Says Shadow IT Is an Opportunity

The term "shadow IT" has become a bugbear for IT organizations in recent years, an unknown that brings to mind security vulnerabilities or even suggests IT's creeping irrelevance ... » zum Artikel

White House sets 20% data center efficiency goal, but finds few takers

Without a carbon tax or anything that penalizes fossil fuel consumption, the federal government has little ability to influence how much energy a data center uses. But it ... » zum Artikel

Verizon won't throttle unlimited LTE users after all

Verizon Wireless won't go ahead with a widely criticized plan to slow down the connections of heavy data users with unlimited LTE plans. » zum Artikel

Report: LulzSec leader directed cyberattacks while working for FBI

The leader of the now-disbanded LulzSec hacking group directed members to attack targets in dozens of countries, including the U.K., Turkey, Brazil and Australia, even as ... » zum Artikel

Facebook walks back real name policy after protests, Ello exodus

After more than 10 years of requiring you to use your real name, Facebook may soon relax its policy. It took weeks of protests from San Francisco's LGBTQ and drag queen communities ... » zum Artikel

How to install the Windows 10 Technical Preview: Everything you need to know

Are you ready to walk on the wild side Windows 10 is on the horizon, and even though its still roughly three-quarters of a year away from completion, Microsofts giving IT ... » zum Artikel

Microsoft launches Windows 10 preview program

Microsoft today opened the door to its Windows Insider Program, letting adventurous customers download an early, unpolished preview of Windows 10. » zum Artikel

SteelSeries Siberia gaming headset line refreshed in full

SteelSeries just took the entire concept of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" out back and shot it, Old Yeller-style. The company announced a complete refresh of its Siberia ... » zum Artikel

Google finding its rhythm with streaming music service

Reports are hitting that Google is just weeks away from launching a new streaming music service. » zum Artikel

Google takes Drive to school with unlimited cloud storage for educators, students alike

In August, Google packed its Apps program off to school with Classroom, a tool to help teachers organize their day. Now, with a version of Google Drive for educators, teachers ... » zum Artikel

Intel developer kit focuses on IoT market

Intel has released a developer kit so that programmers can write and deploy JavaScript applications for "Internet of things" and sensor devices. » zum Artikel

Student excursions to see real world IT will ease skills shortage: Edwina Mistry

Edwina Mistry, industry and community engagement manager for the faculty of business and IT at the Manukau Institute of Technology, is on a mission: to encourage high school ... » zum Artikel

Facebook apologizes to LGBT community, clarifies names policy

Facebook has apologized to drag queens and the larger LGBT community in the wake of controversy over the site's names policy, clarifying that users don't have to use their ... » zum Artikel
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