Dabbling in the dark arts

25.01.2013, von Dominique Karg

With another New Year comes a "new" flurry of predictions across all industries. I say "new" because if we do some homework, we can see that many of these so-called "predictions" are actually spun off of technology trends over the past decade.

But no matter, humans are creatures of habit and thus we will perpetually create shiny new trends and predictions for consumers each year like clockwork. My take on the whole thing, as you have most likely already deduced, is that these pieces are actually not at all innovative, nor are they helpful. Many of them attempt to persuade readers to purchase a product -- usually a vendor-specific one -- to help users avoid said "threats" in the coming year.

Despite all of this, I have pulled together the predictions that will most likely be pushed upon the end user market as "terrifying threats" in 2013 -- along with tips to battle each one with your own common sense.

Frequent unwelcomed guests

If you leave the front door to your house wide open, chances are someone is going to walk in. Well, the same goes for your hardware (and always has).

The top party crasher to look for in 2013 will continue to be mobile malware. One of the developing ways for distribution of this attack is through app stores. Due to vendor-exclusive control over each individual app store, not all of them can staff enough personnel to personally gut each application for the store's own security standards. This means that the free, five-star app in the Apple apps store may contain malicious coding in the Google Play store, and so on.