Samsung Galaxy S 4 buzz still white-hot, but could that mean we're ignoring the HTC M7

25.01.2013, von Jon Gold

Events have unfolded and rumors have broken -- entirely coincidentally, I'm sure -- in a way such that the upcoming Galaxy S 4 from Samsung has never been far from the front pages. The device is unquestionably the most anticipated phone ever, and the appearance this week of apparent photographs pulled from Picasa accomplished the task of keeping the Galaxy S 4 squarely in the forefront of the Android world's attention span.

The date displayed on the apparent Galaxy S 4's home screen has provoked speculation that the device will be released on April 22 -- rumors had previously centered on the upcoming Mobile World Congress, to be held at the end of February. But now everyone seems to agree that Samsung would throw its own launch party for such a big-deal new product.

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HTC playing second fiddle to Samsung is hardly a new phenomenon, and it's therefore not a surprise to see that the Taiwanese company is apparently pushing to get its latest flagship -- the M7 -- onto the market well before rival Samsung's Galaxy S 4 can steal all the headlines. The latest suggestions indicate that the M7 will be rolled out about a week before MWC, and Android Police got their hands on an apparent picture of the device earlier in the week.

The M7 itself isn't looking like a world-beater -- rumors so far seem to suggest that it'll be essentially a slightly smaller Droid DNA with more internal storage and a nicer camera. However, unlike the Verizon-only DNA, it's being reported now that the M7 will be available on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. If true, that ends HTC's streak of putting out impressive but carrier-exclusive handsets and could easily raise the company's profile in the North American market.