Cloud development platform for mobile apps gets EU funding

01.02.2013, von Antony Savvas

A European consortium has received EU funding to help develop mobile workforce applications in the cloud.

The MobiCloud consortium has received 4.45 million (£3.8 million) through the European Commission Directorate-General of Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT).

The MobiCloud project is being led by Appear (Sweden), and includes Nettropolis (Germany), EsperantoXL (the Netherlands), Costain (UK) and COMIT Projects (UK). Other companies are being asked to join the consortium.

The aim of the project is to stimulate the provision of new mobile services in the cloud and to support the emergence of a European ecosystem of mobile cloud application developers.

The reduction in the cost and complexity of mobile application development using cloud technologies is a strategic objective of the European Commission.

With MobiCloud, said the consortium, "it will become feasible for smaller companies - not only global ERP vendors - to quickly develop and market mobile extensions of their existing business applications".