Free Game Friday: Difficult Games

08.02.2013, von David Daw

This week we've got games that ask you to do the hard stuff. You know, like confronting a crush and landing on the moon. Some of these games are hard to play (some are downright sadistic, in fact) and some are just about difficult things; more importantly, they're all even more fun than they are challenging.

Heart the Beat

Heart the Beat is a rhythm game that takes the form of a top-down shooter. The thing is, you aren't shooting anything; you're just collecting coins and trying to dodge the walls that'll reset your score multiplier. It sounds simple, but the vibrant colors make it a blast to play through. Here's a quick tip: try to go for the risky early coins so you can rack up a high score multiplier quickly. If that seems a little too  risky, trust me: you don't even know what risky looks like until halfway into this game.

Crashed Lander

Crashed Lander is not an easy game to play (turn on the auto-pilot IMMEDIATELY) but it is a fun and impressive browser game about trying to pilot a rickety lunar lander to various launch pads. As the title might indicate you'll fail A LOT. But trust me, you'll still enjoy doing it.