Apple increasing Siri resources with recruitment drive

03.04.2013, von Karen Haslam

Over the Easter weekend Apple advertised 13 new job positions relating to Siri, suggesting that the company is ramping up development of the speech recognition technology that is still in beta almost two years after the software was acquired by Apple.

The roles include a couple of 'Siri Software Engineer - Data' who will join the Siri data team, which is responsible for the analytics of Siri usage, the preparation and serving of data that Siri uses to answer questions, and the sophisticated algorithms that use the data to improve Siri's accuracy, according to the job description.

A Speech Operations Engineer will "take part in building and managing some of the worlds largest server deployments".

The Siri Release Systems Engineer will "support the Siri developers by automating deployments to our lab infrastructure, building tools and monitoring used in software deployments, identifying issues with next-generation software, and coordinating with the production operations team to push new releases to the production infrastructure," writes Apple.

A Siri Runtime Engineer to "bring our environment to the next level".

A Siri Hadoop Engineer to "implement, support, and maintain large-scale infrastructures that support the immensely popular Siri application."