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Asia a top source of spam -- Sophos

Asia is now considered the top continent in the world for relaying over 50 percent of spam throughout the world, according to the latest research by Sophos, an IT security and data protection company. » zum Artikel

Kyrgyzstan remains offline following Russian hacker attack

Russian hackers are keeping the nation of . » zum Artikel

Nebraskan pleads guilty to 2008 Web attack on Scientologists

A 20-year-old man from Nebraska has agreed to plead guilty to charges stemming from a January 2008 attack on Web sites of the Church of Scientology. » zum Artikel

Will Kim Jong Un be for cyberwarfare what his dad was for nukes

The has understandably set neighboring South Korea and other countries in the region on edge. But should it put the western world on high alert as well, for possible cyberattacks » zum Artikel

Twitter used to manage botnet, says security expert

A security researcher has found that hackers are using Twitter as a means to distribute instructions to a network of compromised computers, known as a botnet. » zum Artikel

Do smaller businesses think they're immune to security threats

Do small to midsize businesses (SMB) think they're somehow immune to threats » zum Artikel

Podcast: Twitter Attack, iPhone App Rejections, New Cameras

This week on the PC World Podcast, join editors Robert Strohmeyer, Tim Moynihan, Mark Sullivan, and Nick Mediati for a discussion of the hottest recent tech stories. » zum Artikel

Twitter Attack Was Another Political DDoS

The distributed denial-of-service attack that hampered access to social networking and blogging sites all went after one pro-Georgia blogger, according to security company reports. » zum Artikel

DDOS attack again takes down South Korean Web sites

For the third day in a row a number of major public and private Web sites in South Korea have been taken off the Internet by a distributed denial of service attack. » zum Artikel

Survey shows shift to cloud-based services, despite concerns

A survey of 5,300 IT and managers in 38 countries about offers a vivid snapshot of expectations, anxieties and sometimes shattered hopes. » zum Artikel

Video focuses on victims of e-mail scam

A new documentary-style video, "HCommerce: The Business of Hacking You," puts the focus on the travails of the Spears family of Portland, Ore., which lost about $400,000 when Janella Spears fell for a complex e-mail scam. » zum Artikel

Kaspersky: 6 million users infected by Conficker

New data from security company Kaspersky Lab showed that around five to six million computers around the world have already been infected by the Kido/Conficker worm, one of the most notorious malicious software programs to hit the Internet recently. » zum Artikel

DDoS attack that downed Twitter also hit Facebook

The same denial-of-service attack that took down Twitter this morning also slammed Facebook but with much less dramatic results. » zum Artikel

Bug in Firefox 3.5.1 isn't exploitable, Mozilla says

A bug discovered in the latest version of Firefox is not exploitable, Mozilla said on Sunday, responding to reports of another vulnerability in the browser. » zum Artikel

Zwölf Security-Mythen entlarvt

Reicht eine Firewall? Sind wir ein Ziel?: Zwölf Security-Mythen entlarvt (Foto: Wetzkaz -
Reicht eine Firewall? Sind wir ein Ziel?: Es gibt Dutzende Weisheiten zum Thema IT-Sicherheit, die ständig wiederholt und allzu leicht als Wahrheit hingenommen werden, ohne dass sie tatsächlich belegbar sind. » zum Artikel
  • Simon Hülsbömer
    Simon Hülsbömer
    Simon Hülsbömer verantwortet redaktionell leitend die Themenbereiche IT-Sicherheit, Web und Datenschutz. Außerdem betreut der studierte Media Producer ab und an die iPad-Ausgaben der COMPUTERWOCHE. Aufgaben als Online-News-Aushelfer, in der Traffic- und Keyword-Analyse, dem Content Management sowie die inoffizielle Funktion "redaktioneller Fußballexperte" runden sein Profil ab.

Estonia defense minister: Cyberattacks will grow

Three years after a widespread cyberattack temporarily shut down the Estonian economy, Estonia's defense minister said such incidents will only continue to grow. » zum Artikel

Obama inauguration sets Web traffic record, Akamai says

Web traffic delivery surged to record levels during President Barack Obama's inauguration yesterday, as the company's global had to deliver a peak of more than 7 million simultaneous data streams. » zum Artikel

Student gets jail for crashing university servers

A 22-year-old University of Pennsylvania student has been sentenced to three months in prison and probation time, following a worldwide botnet computer bust. » zum Artikel

Eine Million E-Mail-Adressen für 30 Euro

Was Cyber-Kriminelle so verlangen: Eine Million E-Mail-Adressen für 30 Euro
Was Cyber-Kriminelle so verlangen: Ein Satz Kreditkartendaten ist, je nach Vollständigkeit, für zwei bis 300 Euro zu haben. Eine Million E-Mail-Adressen kosten ab 30 Euro. Das hat der Sicherheitsanbieter G Data in einer Undercover-Recherche unter Cyber-Kriminellen herausgefunden. » zum Artikel
  • Christiane Pütter
    Christiane Pütter

    Christiane Pütter ist Journalistin aus München. Sie schreibt über IT, Business und Wissenschaft. Zu ihren Auftraggebern zählen neben CIO und Computerwoche mehrere Corporate-Publishing-Magazine, vor allem im Bereich Banken/Versicherungen.

Tanzania stabilizes Internet infrastructure

Tanzania has become the first beneficiary of the Internet infrastructure project led by AfriNIC, aimed at improving resilience to distributed denial of service attacks by setting up copies of root servers. » zum Artikel

Hackers put social networks such as Twitter in crosshairs

Web sites such as Twitter are becoming increasingly favored by hackers as places to plant malicious software in order to infect computers, according to a new study covering Web application security vulnerabilities. » zum Artikel

Sicherheitsexperten analysieren 2012

Prognosen im Überblick: Sicherheitsexperten analysieren 2012 (Foto: Rene Schmöl)
Prognosen im Überblick: Big Data wird zum Angriffsziel, BYOD noch keine Gefahr. Wir haben die Prognosen der Sicherheitsanbieter Sophos, Imperva sowie Integralis und ProSoft zusammengefasst. » zum Artikel
  • Thomas Pelkmann

UK, not North Korea, source of DDOS attacks, researcher says

The U.K. was the likely source of a series of attacks last week that took down popular Web sites in the U.S. and South Korea, according to an analysis performed by a Vietnamese computer security analyst. » zum Artikel

Updated MyDoom responsible for DDOS attacks, says AhnLab

An updated version of the MyDoom virus is responsible for a large DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack that took down major U.S. Web sites over the weekend and South Korean Web sites on Wednesday, according to Korean computer security company AhnLab. » zum Artikel

Apple patching serious SMS vulnerability on iPhone

Due to a reporting error, the story "Apple patching serious SMS vulnerability on iPhone," posted on July 2, incorrectly reported that Apple is fixing a flaw in the way the iPhone handles SMS messages. There is no confirmation that such a fix is in the works, although the researcher who found the bug hopes it will be fixed. The title of the story along with paragraphs 1 and 6 have been changed to ... » zum Artikel

UltraDNS service knocked offline by attack

NeuStar confirmed that its UltraDNS managed service was knocked offline for several hours Tuesday morning by a distributed denial of service attack. » zum Artikel

Verizon lands massive $2.5 billion DoD service contract

Business has signed a contract that could be worth up to US$2.5 billion to provide telecom services to U.S. military installations around the world. » zum Artikel

'Anonymous' group declares online war on Scientology

A mysterious anti-Church of Scientology group is using YouTube and other social networking sites to gather people for a day of action against the church this Sunday, February 10. » zum Artikel

Chuck Norris botnet karate-chops routers hard

If you haven't changed the default password on your home router, you may be in for an unwanted visit from Chuck Norris -- the Chuck Norris botnet, that is. » zum Artikel

Tech industry group battles botnets

Several ISPs and Internet companies will meet in San Francisco early next year to adopt a common strategy for combating , the remotely controlled networks that are used to carry out distributed denial-of-service attacks and massive campaigns. » zum Artikel

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Arbor Networks bietet Unternehmen und speziell Internet Service Providern mit der "Arbor Cloud" ab sofort eine neue Lösung zur Abwehr von Distributed Denial of Service-Attacken (DDoS) an.
Die "Süddeutsche Zeitung" ("SZ") ist am Donnerstag Opfer eines Angriffs aus dem Netz geworden.
Die "Süddeutsche Zeitung" ("SZ") ist am nachmittag des Valentistages 2013 Opfer eines Angriffs aus dem Netz geworden. Die Website der Zeitung wurde über mehrere Stunden durch massenhafte Seitenaufrufe derart überlastet, dass sie nicht mehr erreichbar war. Ein solcher automatisierter Angriff wird als "Distributed Denial-of-Service-Attacke" (DDOS) bezeichnet.