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Good Technology acquires BoxTone

Good Technology has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to purchase BoxTone. » zum Artikel

Good Technology shows Blackberry customers the exit

Mobility solutions provider Good Technology is offering BlackBerry customers free migration to iOS, Android and Windows platforms. » zum Artikel

Good Technology: Mobility Management ändert sich

Trends für 2014: Good Technology: Mobility Management ändert sich (Foto: Oppo)
Trends für 2014: 2014 ändern sich die Herausforderungen für CIOs, besonders im Bereich Mobility Management. Davon ist Good Technologies überzeugt und liefert fünf Trends für 2014. » zum Artikel

Enterprise mobility well established in A/NZ: Good Technology

The speed of growth of enterprise mobility surprised Good Technology A/NZ vice-president and general manager, Gavin Jones, in 2013. » zum Artikel

Credit Union Australia signs Good Technology to secure 400 devices

Credit Union Australia (CUA) has ditched its fleet of BlackBerry phones and IBM Notes Traveller email software in favour of Good Technology's mobile device management (MDM) suite. » zum Artikel

Good Technology helps businesses break the BlackBerry habit

BlackBerry has been in a death spiral, and it's immediate future is a mystery. That is cause for concern for companies that rely on BlackBerry, and has forced businesses to start considering an exit strategy. But the real challenge is finding an alternate platform that doesn't compromise on security. Good Technology thinks it has the solution. » zum Artikel

Dell VP, Good Technology CEO Grim on BlackBerry at MobileCon 2013

Last week, CTIA - The Wireless Association held its annual MobileCon event in San Jose, Calif. I spent the week hustling back and forth between keynotes, panels, interviews and mobility sessions. I also spoke to a number of interesting sources from companies such as Dell and Good Technology. » zum Artikel

iOS 7 finally brings Apple devices to the enterprise: Good Technology

iOS 7 is a recognition that the device has moved from the consumer side into enterprise, according to Good Technology A/NZ general manager and sales VP, Gavin Jones. » zum Artikel

Good Technology gets EAL4+ certification

Good Technology has achieved Evaluation Assurance Level 4 Augmented (EAL4+) certification for its Good for Enterprise mobile collaboration solution. » zum Artikel

Good Technology integrates into Salesforce's mobile development kit

Good Technology has integrated its Good Dynamics secure mobility platform with the Salesforce mobile software development kit (SDK). » zum Artikel

Macro view key for enterprises evolving base MDM: Good Technology

While most New Zealand enterprises have some sort of mobile device management (MDM) in place, the next step is establishing a means of securing applications and undergoing business transformations through different workflows, according to Good Technology global alliances and business development director, Ken Gosselin. » zum Artikel

Good Technology CEO: 'We focus on the data, not the device'

Good Technology has become one the leaders in mobile management, amassing more than 4,000 customers, including many in government and highly regulated industries. » zum Artikel

Hands on with iOS 7.1: A few good improvements

Four months after releasing iOS 7 -- the latest major update to the operating system controlling Apple mobile devices -- iOS 7.1 has hit the airwaves, providing bug fixes, performance enhancements and the addition of a few welcome additions that should make the experience of using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch a little better. » zum Artikel

Toshiba Encore 8: Good cameras and HDMI-out in a chunky chassis

There's a disappointing degree of uniformity in the Windows tablet market. Nearly all the devices use the same processor, feature the same-resolution display, and deliver the same amount of memory and storage. So I'm happy to see Toshiba's differentiating its Encore 8 by providing a mini-HDMI port and boosting the resolution of its rear camera to 8 megapixels. Unfortunately, this 8-inch tablet also ... » zum Artikel

Android-based malware: the good, the bad and the ugly

When it comes to mobile devices, it's well known that malware writers like to target Android. But a threat report published today by security firm F-Secure puts in perspective why Android malware attacks often flop and why Android itself is no pushover. » zum Artikel

Intel 730 Series SSD (480GB): Good performance and a strong warranty

Intel's performance guys have a thing for skulls. They delivered a high-performance, dual-CPU motherboard setup named Skulltrail a few years back. Now they've announced the new 730 Series of enthusiast-class SSDs emblazoned with fleshless noggins. Do these drives live up to their "killer" image  » zum Artikel

BAE shares down after weak results, but claims UK business "in good shape"

BAE Systems, the defence technology giant that is increasingly focussing on It services and security, saw a 10 percent drop in its shares today after it announced a fall in profits, which fell by two-thirds to £442 million in 2013. However, it also told investors that its UK business is in good shape and stable. » zum Artikel

Financial conduct regulator mobilises with Good

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has deployed Good Technology's mobile device management (MDM) solution, Good for Enterprise, and the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility platform to mobilise both its business processes and workforce. » zum Artikel

This product will put you to sleep -- but that's a good thing

I honestly hope you're not reading this story just before you get ready for bed. Because honestly, the light from the computer screen is likely to disrupt your sleep patterns. In fact, many of the lights in your home are probably confusing the heck out of your poor, tired brain. » zum Artikel

Can anti-virus technology morph into breach detection systems

Anti-virus software is still often considered a "checkbox" item for enterprise deployments, especially on Microsoft Windows, but over the decades, anti-virus software changed to do far more than just signature-based virus blocking. Today, the question is whether the type of anti-malware product that evolved from virus checking can transform again to be a part of a "breach detection system,"  or ... » zum Artikel

Mavericks Dictation vs. Dragon Dictate: How good is OS X's built-in tool

One of the features in OS X Mavericks that I was most looking forward to was offline dictation. » zum Artikel

Technology plays greater role in relationships

Have you ever had a text fight with your spouse Feel like Facebook and smartphones are helping your relationship » zum Artikel

Google to big ISPs: Fiber is good for you

Lest you're holding on to any belief that big ISPs like Time Warner and AT&T care the least bit about making available the best technology at a fair price, just look at the situation in Austin, Texas, and Kansas City to learn otherwise. Before the threat of Google Fiber arrived, broadband in those places was as slow and expensive as it is everywhere else. » zum Artikel

Why Good Employees Leave (And How You Can Keep Them)

It's tough when good employees leave: Productivity sinks, morale suffers and colleagues struggle with an increased workload until you find a replacement. On top of that, recruitment and search costs, training and on-boarding new hires can make for a difficult and expensive transition. » zum Artikel

Good Governance Is a Make-or-Break Factor for IT

CIOs say that governance rules will ensure that IT initiatives are transparent, efficiently managed and provide maximum business impact. » zum Artikel

Building the new technology flight path

Technology underpins almost every part of a business these days, and that is certainly the case when it comes to the aviation industry. Whether it's internal operations or customer facing, IT is at the forefront, making it happen. But this also means there's not much room to mess up. » zum Artikel

Are consumers ready for curved technology

Electronics manufacturers are always looking for the next trend to conquer, and at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), curved technology was certainly a potential next big thing. » zum Artikel

Enterprise embraces mobility at breakneck pace: Good Mobility Index

Businesses are adopting mobility at a staggering speed as the latest mobility index report reveals a 60 per cent increase in the number of devices activated. » zum Artikel

Study: Despite bright, shiny rivals, good old Office still rules at work

In the office, people still prefer Microsoft Office. » zum Artikel

Why green IT is good for business

When Kevin Humphries talks about green IT at FedEx, you won't hear much about reducing the company's carbon footprint. FedEx embraced the new math of green IT when it engineered every inch of its new, LEED-certified 46,000-sq.-ft. data center for maximum operational efficiency. "We found the most optimal mathematical model for capacities and efficiencies," says the senior vice president of IT at ... » zum Artikel

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Good Technology has announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to purchase BoxTone.
Mobility solutions provider Good Technology is offering BlackBerry customers free migration to iOS, Android and Windows platforms.
2014 ändern sich die Herausforderungen für CIOs, besonders im Bereich Mobility Management. Davon ist Good Technologies überzeugt und liefert fünf Trends für 2014.