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Being a Successful Healthcare CIO Requires Vision

Don't ask Dr. Shafiq Rab an easy question. » zum Artikel

Forrester Outlines IT Imperatives for Healthcare Providers

Few deny that the healthcare industry in the U.S. faces tremendous pressure to change. Few deny the role that technology will play in stimulating this change, either. » zum Artikel

A CIO who masters disasters

TUCSON, Ariz. -- On his 50th birthday, John Halamaka, the CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, was surrounded by his senior staff having cake. Then his second-in-command came in with "some" news. » zum Artikel

The Grill: James Turnbull driving change in healthcare IT

As a healthcare CIO, Jim Turnbull promotes the use of technology as a tool to improve care and reduce patient costs. He has guided IT initiatives, including the deployment of electronic medical records and computerized physician order-entry systems, at several healthcare organizations. Now CIO at University of Utah Health Care in Salt Lake City, Turnbull was recently named the 2012 John E. Gall ... » zum Artikel

11 Ways to Make Healthcare IT Easier

The life of a healthcare CIO is not an easy one. In addition to the myriad enterprise IT challenges faced by the typical CIO, technology professionals working in healthcare face HIPAA privacy and security laws, government mandates to implement or update Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology and, above all, a culture built on paper charts, paper prescriptions and folders upon folders of medical ... » zum Artikel

4 survival strategies for IT chaos

Every time Stuart Kippelman's 10-year-old daughter gets into the car with her father, she insists the Bluetooth isn't working. It takes about 10 seconds to sync and power up the music, and to a preteen, 10 seconds equals broken. » zum Artikel

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CIO Matthias Moritz hat den IT-Strategie-Preis des Handelsblatts gewonnen. Die Jury lobte gewaltige IT-Innovationen in der Gesundheitssparte des Bayer-Konzerns.
, who serves as vice president and CIO of Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems (EMHS), says she and her team are helping to change people's lives by improving the quality of their medical care. It takes innovative IT to make that happen: Bruno has developed and deployed an electronic health record system, a computerized provider order-entry system and a bedside medication verification system, among other accomplishments. She is also executive sponsor of the Bangor Beacon Community grant program, which brings together a dozen local healthcare organizations focused on improving medical care while reducing costs through the use of IT. In May, she received an MIT Sloan CIO Symposium 2012 Award for Innovation Leadership.