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13 interessante Funktionen von Windows 8

Microsoft Beta-Release: 13 interessante Funktionen von Windows 8
Microsoft Beta-Release: Das neue Windows 8 ist seit Februar in der Betaphase und soll im Herbst 2012 in die Läden kommen. 13 neue Funktionen im Überblick. » zum Artikel
  • Thomas Pelkmann
  • John Brandon

Adobe intros Lightroom 3 public beta update

has released an update to its Photoshop Lightroom 3 beta software through Adobe Labs.The digital photography workflow software has been updated based on user feedback from the first beta.New features in this Lightroom 3 beta 2 includes tethered shooting support for select Nikon and Canon cameras, the ability to import and manage video files from DSLR cameras for a streamlined workflow and additional ... » zum Artikel

Vista SP2 beta: Nothing obviously new has been added

If you install the expecting to see visible changes to your version of , you'll be sorely disappointed. At least in this initial beta, all the changes are under the hood, and even they are far from earth-shaking. » zum Artikel

New Name, No More Ads: Easeus Partition Master Home

When last I visited (reviewed as then called Easeus Partition Manager Home 2.0.1) I said, "So what if there's a window-wide banner ad trying to sell you more of the company's products" Free partitioning was well worth it. Well, if the program was worth it with the noise, it's invaluable without it, and version 3.5 seems clean as a whistle when it comes to advertisements. » zum Artikel

Use ALZip to Manage Compressed Files

When it comes to Zip and other kinds of compressed files, most people have their favorite method of management. Some rely on the shareware classic , while others use the popular open-source tool 7-Zip. No doubt some folks use nothing more than Windows' built-in Zip capabilities, limited though they are. » zum Artikel

Recover data from optical media with CDRoller

purports to recover data from any type of UDF/ISO9660/FAT32 disc that can be written: CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray. It's always tricky testing recovery programs, especially those that work with optical discs. All I can report is that it worked with several test CDs/DVDs that I keep around for these reviews. The test discs won't load, but they can be read at a low level. » zum Artikel

The Pirate Bay to Take On YouTube, Hulu with The Video Bay

Watch out, Hollywood -- another threat to your profits appears to be setting sail and headed in your direction. A site called The Video Bay aims to make pirated TV shows and Hollywood movies available in hi-def quality for streaming through your Web browser -- no hefty downloads required. The site, , is aiming to compete with Hulu and YouTube. As far as I can tell, the new venture isn't bothering ... » zum Artikel

Top 10 Windows tools for IT pros

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the tools they bring to the job. If you're a professional plumber or a carpenter, people will expect you to carry the right tools for the task at hand. The same holds true for IT pros. Those in the know will judge you by the depth and sophistication of the technical toolkit you bring to a support call. » zum Artikel

SUSE Studio is powerful OS instance builder

We first saw SUSE Studio in beta at VMWorld in 2008, a skunkworks tool for building SUSE instances. It's come a long way since then. » zum Artikel

Burn CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray with Astroburn Lite

So you've got a bunch of files on your hard disk, and you want to burn them to a CD. You can stick in a blank CD and trust to Window's built-in file burning utility to do it, or you can get a specific program to help you. One such is , the freeware version of Astroburn. » zum Artikel

WinZip 14 Ups Security, Integrates With Win 7

The venerable WinZip Standard compression program's latest version offers a variety of new features aimed primarily at Windows 7 users. Those who use Windows 7 will be pleased to see that ($30, 30-day free trial) now takes advantage of some of Windows 7's , including integrating with Windows 7 Libraries and Jump Lists. Overall, it makes WinZip feel as if it were built directly into the operating ... » zum Artikel

Windows 7 Features on a Vista or XP System

Vista received well-deserved criticism for bringing few noteworthy new features in its train when it arrived to take over from Windows XP. In contrast, Windows 7 offers plenty of new stuff to like. Fortunately, you can add many of these features to your Vista or XP machine by using downloads and Web services. » zum Artikel

SC-VMM provides limited view of VMware-based VMs

The final version of SC VMM -- which began shipping in November -- is much improved over the beta code we last fall, but it has still got some rough patches in terms of integration with Microsoft's Operations Manager (needed for monitoring and trending) and as supporting non-Windows VMs goes. » zum Artikel

WinZip Pro

The world's most popular compression program just got better. ($50, 3-day free trial) adds a slew of useful features to the venerable program's already impressive suite, most notably adding a Microsoft Office-style ribbon that puts all of the program's considerable power within easy reach. No longer will you need to hunt through deep levels of menus. You can now perform tasks such as burning .zip ... » zum Artikel

LG NAS Adds Blu-ray Drive

LG's N4B1 is neither a comprehensive media server nor a particularly fast performer, but as a network-attached storage device, it's quick enough for home/small-business file serving. The unit--available at this writing for around $700--is also the sturdiest and quite possibly the best-looking such box I've had my hands on. You also can't beat it's HTML configuration interface for looks or ease of ... » zum Artikel

WinZip 14 Pro Is a Worthy Upgrade

WinZip Pro's newest version offers a slew of featured aimed at Windows 7 integration, but it hasn't abandoned its core functions--nor does it leave users of older OSs out in the cold. ($50, 30-day free trial) still offers advanced tools, such as importing files directly into zip files from cameras, and backing up important folders. » zum Artikel

Tipps & Tricks rund um Virtualisierung mit VMware

Aus der Praxis: Tipps & Tricks rund um Virtualisierung mit VMware (Foto: kebox -
Aus der Praxis: Diese praxisnahen Tipps und Tricks erleichtern den Umgang mit den verschiedenen VMware-Produkten wie VMware ESX Server, VMware Workstation oder VMware Player. » zum Artikel

Sicherheits-Tools für Notebooks und Netbooks

Sicher mobil arbeiten und surfen: Sicherheits-Tools für Notebooks und Netbooks (Foto: MEV Verlag)
Sicher mobil arbeiten und surfen: Auf Ihrem Mobilrechner liegen Daten, die nicht jeder sehen soll - und die Sie nicht verlieren wollen. Doch durch WLAN, 3G und Bluetooth sind Notebooks besonders anfällig für Angriffe. Mit den richtigen Tools schützen Sie sich auch unterwegs ohne großen Aufwand. » zum Artikel
  • Ramon Schwenk
  • Michael Rupp

Four Ways to Save Money on Software

Regular visitors know that for just about every pricey software application or operating system, a freeware or open-source alternative can be found. For example, OpenOffice can easily take the place of Microsoft Office. GIMP and Paint.NET can fill in for Photoshop. And Linux handily gives Windows the boot. » zum Artikel

Ab heute Abend Download von Windows 7 Beta

Microsoft bietet Betriebssystem 2,5 Millionen mal an: Ab heute Abend Download von Windows 7 Beta (Foto: Microsoft)
Microsoft bietet Betriebssystem 2,5 Millionen mal an: Ab heute bietet Microsoft die Beta-Version seines neues Betriebssystems Windows 7 zum Download an. Weltweit wird das Programm zur selben Zeit verfügbar sein, nach unserer Zeit um 21 Uhr. » zum Artikel
  • Nicolas Zeitler

Blade server shoot-out: Supermicro SuperBlade

The specs for the Supermicro SuperBlade chassis and blades are nowhere near those of the , , or we tested, but then again, neither is the price. The SuperBlade is an incredibly affordable way into blade servers, and though it won't draw many oohs and aahs, it will provide a solid platform for just about any small to medium-size IT endeavor. » zum Artikel

Update Your BIOS

Your computer's BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is the first software your PC loads. It sets the stage for your operating system, so to speak, by finding all your PC's various hardware components and letting the operating system know it can use them. » zum Artikel

Norton Internet Security 2011 public beta

As protections against garden-variety have become more effective, malware writers have turned to new ways to infect computers in the pursuit of profit. Two increasing threats are malware spread via bad links and so-called scareware -- malware that masquerades as virus-scanning software. » zum Artikel

VirtualBox 3.0: An easy way to mix and match operating systems

Whether you prefer Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X, you can probably get almost everything you need done with your chosen OS. However, sometimes a task demands an OS that you are not currently using. That's where virtualization programs like Sun Microsystem's come in. » zum Artikel

Blade server shoot-out: HP BladeSystem c7000

One look at the HP BladeSystem c7000 blade chassis and you understand why HP sells a lot of blades. The unit is aesthetically pleasing, extremely solid, and well appointed, with an LCD panel for chassis monitoring and control, eight half-width I/O slots in the back, six 2,400-watt power supplies, and 10 fans. As with the Dell, all of this is tightly power controlled, as the chassis can dynamically ... » zum Artikel

Make exact backup copies of your DVDs

Picture this scenario: you go to retrieve your DVD copy of from its protective case because your son or daughter wants to watch it for the 437th time. You remove the DVD only to find it scratched and just a little bit sticky from the jam-covered fingers that last handled it. Sound familiar » zum Artikel

48 Tipps für Windows 7

Windows-Ratgeber: 48 Tipps für Windows 7 (Foto: Microsoft)
Windows-Ratgeber: Wir haben für Sie 48 besonders hilfreiche Tricks zusammengestellt, die das neue Windows 7 rundum besser machen und bei der Bedienung helfen. » zum Artikel
  • Reto Vogt

Microsoft Hyper-V R2 is hot on VMware's heels

Bottom Line » zum Artikel

10 Fakten zur Passwort-Sicherheit

Alle Passwörter knacken: Schlüsseldienst für Ihren PC: Wir erklären, wie Sie bei Verlust Ihres Passworts an Ihre Daten kommen - und wie Sie sich vor Passwortknackern schützen. » zum Artikel
  • Tobias Weidemann

InfoWorld review: Riverbed Steelhead rules the WAN

After six years and dozens of product reviews, I still can't find anything really sexy about WAN acceleration and optimization. What is sexy -- at least to upper management -- is making better use of the enterprise wide area network, especially in these economically trying times. Trying to convince the bean counters to spend money on infrastructure might seem like a lost cause, but when the facts ... » zum Artikel

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Manchmal wäre es praktisch, einer vorhandenen ISO-Datei weitere Files hinzuzufügen. Das können eigene Anmerkungen zur Installation oder der Produktschlüssel sein, den man dann nicht mühsam eintippen muss, sondern per Copy & Paste einfügt. Mit dem Windows-Explorer funktioniert es aber nicht.
Die COMPUTERWOCHE präsentiert Ihnen die praktischsten Tipps der vergangenen Woche.
Manchmal wäre es praktisch, einer vorhandenen ISO-Datei weitere Files hinzuzufügen. Das können eigene Anmerkungen zur Installation oder der Produktschlüssel sein, den man dann nicht mühsam eintippen muss, sondern per Copy & Paste einfügt. Mit dem Windows-Explorer funktioniert es aber nicht.