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Fleischkontroll-App für den Einkauf

Westfleisch mit IBM Informix: Fleischkontroll-App für den Einkauf (Foto: Westfleisch-Gruppe)
Westfleisch mit IBM Informix: Konsumenten sind häufig überfordert, wenn es um Auswahl und Kontrolle von Lebensmitteln geht. Die App fTrace von Westfleisch bietet höheren Verbraucherschutz. » zum Artikel
  • Hartmut Wiehr

IBM adds data-warehousing tools to Informix

IBM is trying to make its Informix OLTP (online transaction processing) server a more potent option for BI (business intelligence) and data warehousing through a new optional toolset, the company announced Thursday. » zum Artikel

Cheetah scratches itch of Informix users

For years after IBM bought the Informix database technology in 2001, Informix users worried about the long-term prospects for the software, which was obscured by the long shadows cast by IBM's flagship DB2 database. » zum Artikel

Will 'Cheetah' help IBM's Informix capture market share

For years after its 2001 by IBM, Informix supporters and users worried over the database's long-term. Like an orphan whose glee at being adopted turns to glum after finding himself ignored in favor of the natural-born offspring, Informix found itself unable to escape the shadows cast by IBM's golden boy, DB2. » zum Artikel

Violin Memory hunts for new CEO

The CEO of memory-based storage vendor Violin Memory, Donald Basile, has been terminated and its chairman, Howard Bain, has stepped in as interim CEO. » zum Artikel

Embarcadero unifies iOS and Android development within a single tool

With a new integrated development environment (IDE), Embarcadero Technologies is hoping to ease the burden of application developers who must prepare their creations for more than one operating system (OS). » zum Artikel

Neue BI-Plattform von Atos und Capgemini

Mit Oracle und Microsoft: Neue BI-Plattform von Atos und Capgemini (Foto: Bundesagentur für Arbeit)
Mit Oracle und Microsoft: Neue Architektur für Business Intelligence und eine neue BI-Plattform: Die Bundesagentur für Arbeit hat mit den Dienstleistern Rahmenverträge geschlossen. » zum Artikel

Stock service's data warehouse now delivers in seconds, not hours

Until a year ago, Pink OTC Markets Inc. had a problem. The company, which operates the Pink Sheets over-the-counter stock quotation service and the OTCQX service for foreign stocks to trade in the United States, couldn't deliver the reports its customers wanted. » zum Artikel

IBM remolds DB2 10.5 as a Hadoop killer

In the new update of DB2, released Friday, IBM has added a set of acceleration technologies, collectively code-named BLU, that promise to make the venerable database management system (DBMS) better suited for running large in-memory data analysis jobs. "BLU has significant benefits for the analytic and reporting workloads," said Tim Vincent, IBM's vice president and chief technology officer for information ... » zum Artikel

Smart meter cloud announced by IBM and Cable & Wireless

IBM and Cable & Wireless are set to collaborate to offer a 'smart energy cloud' to support the UK's new energy meter rollout. » zum Artikel

New smart meter privacy guidelines restrict suppliers’ access to data

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has proposed tough new measures that would restrict how suppliers and network operators access and use consumer data obtained via smart meters. » zum Artikel

ERP-Anbieter erfüllen SaaS-Wünsche nicht

Studie von SoftSelect: ERP-Anbieter erfüllen SaaS-Wünsche nicht (Foto: N-Media-Images -
Studie von SoftSelect: Auch wenn Cloud Computing einer der drei großen ERP-Trends ist: Zusammengefunden haben Anwenderwünsche und die Angebote der Hersteller noch längst nicht. » zum Artikel
  • Werner Kurzlechner
    Werner Kurzlechner

    Werner Kurzlechner lebt als freier Journalist in Berlin. Schwerpunktmäßig kümmert er sich um die Themenfelder BI und IT-Projekte. Neben CIO war und ist der Wirtschaftshistoriker für CFOWorld sowie Fachmagazine und Tageszeitungen jenseits der IT-Welt tätig.

Aqua Data Studio database admin software boosts performance

AquaFold on Monday announced the release of , an upgrade to its data administration software. It cost $400; upgrades are priced at $140. » zum Artikel

IBM floats software in Amazon's cloud

IBM is delivering some of its infrastructure software as an on-demand service through Amazon Web Services, the companies said Wednesday, helping to validate the cloud computing model among enterprise customers. » zum Artikel

Ecologic Analytics and Landis+Gyr -- Suitors Decide to Tie the Knot

With the recent that meter and AMI provider Landis+Gyr (L+G) will assume full ownership of meter data management (MDM) vendor Ecologic Analytics (EA) and Siemens acquiring eMeter, MDM appears to be a hot application these days. Although not broadcast as an MDM acquisition when it bought Telvent in May 2011, Schneider Electric also acquired an MDM application. The question for these movements is ... » zum Artikel

Novell intros SUSE Linux Enterprise 11

Novell Wednesday announced the availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise 11, an operating system designed for data centers. » zum Artikel

Experts: MySQL could enable IBM to take over database market

IBM's proposal to acquire Sun Microsystems Inc. may be, for now, » zum Artikel

Sybase and Brother appoint Australian MDs

Former Teradata executive Dereck Daymond has been appointed A/NZ managing director of Sybase. » zum Artikel

IBM starts testing next version of 'Viper' database

IBM has made a of a major update to its DB2 9 database available for download. » zum Artikel

Ingres stacks up applications

Open source database company Ingres has released a pre-bundled software stack for development teams within enterprises. The stack, which pulls together Ingres Database with Red Hat's JBoss Developer Studio and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, has been designed to speed up implementation of enterprise apps and aid the migration from proprietary software. » zum Artikel

Database pioneer continues to bash RDBMS

Database guru Michael Stonebraker, one of the pioneers of the relational database model, continues to bash the way relational database management systems (RDBMS) stores data. » zum Artikel

Sybase is latest RDB maker to embrace MapReduce

Who says there is a war raging between traditional SQL database vendors and the upstarts touting the so-called » zum Artikel

IT-Operation im laufenden Betrieb

Bessere Applikationen bei Krankenhausträgern: IT-Operation im laufenden Betrieb
Bessere Applikationen bei Krankenhausträgern: Die oberösterreichische Gesundheits- und Spitals-AG (Gespag) hat während des laufenden Betriebs rund 100 Applikationen optimiert, bei denen Stabilität und entsprechende Performance vorausgesetzt werden. Betrieben werden diese Applikationen in der Abteilung Gesundheits-Informatik (GI). Zur Performance-Kontrolle und zur Diagnose von Software-Fehlern kommt nun Dynatrace Diagnostics zum Einsatz. » zum Artikel
  • Tanja Wolff

Does software life begin at 40 IBM updates IMS database

IBM later this month plans to release Version 10 of its Information Management System (IMS), a 39-year-old database originally built to help land men on the moon. » zum Artikel

IBM spends billions on information management

Two years after pledging to on information management technologies, IBM says it has exceeded that total several times over. » zum Artikel

Big three database vendors diverge on Hadoop

The three leaders of the relational database market are responding to the sudden mania for the data processing technology Hadoop in three very different ways. » zum Artikel

There's logic in Sybase's RAC attack

The whole idea of innovation is to build a better mousetrap, but Sybase's latest product shows you can also focus on simply building a better piece of the mousetrap. » zum Artikel

Relational database pioneer says technology is obsolete

As a researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, in the early 1970s, Michael Stonebraker co-created the Ingres and Postgres technology that underlies many leading relational databases today: Microsoft Corp.'s SQL Server, Sybase Inc.'s Adaptive Server Enterprise, Ingres Corp.'s eponymous product, IBM's Informix, and others. » zum Artikel

Novell Ships SUSE Linux Enterprise 11

Novell Wednesday announced the availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise 11, the operating system designed for the next-generation data center. As data centers become more heterogeneous, customers are demanding a cost-effective platform that can run their applications reliably and with high performance on any hardware platform and hypervisor as well as in appliances and cloud computing infrastructures. ... » zum Artikel

Amazon, IBM, Savvis bridge datacenters to cloud

IBM has had a busy week, cloud computing-wise, but it's not the only company making such waves. Savvis is embarking on Thursday on an ambitious plan to offer enterprise customers a complete virtualized datacenter., meanwhile, joined up with Big Blue and DataSynapse in separate partnerships. » zum Artikel

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Konsumenten sind häufig überfordert, wenn es um Auswahl und Kontrolle von Lebensmitteln geht. Die App fTrace von Westfleisch bietet höheren Verbraucherschutz.
Microsofts neuester Intelligence Report stellt Anwendern kein gutes Zeugnis aus. IBM stellt Sicherheits-Update für Informix zur Verfügung. Mozilla will Firefox 3.5 bald den Garaus machen.
Die Datenbankserver-Software IBM Informix Dynamic Server enthält laut diverse Schwachstellen.