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Premier 100 IT Leader: Karen Austin

Before Karen Austin reached her current position as CIO at Pacific Gas and Electric, her career road map included stops in the CIO suites at Sears and Kmart. That's why, she says, she brings a strong retail focus to the utility's IT operations. » zum Artikel

Malone resigns as iiNet CEO

Michael Malone has resigned as CEO and board director of iiNet. » zum Artikel

NextDC changes management structure

The board of datacentre vendor, NextDC, (ASX:NXT) has announced a management reshuffle to put the company in line for its next phase of growth. » zum Artikel

T-Mobile's budget subsidiary is offering free Facebook access--without a data plan

GoSmart, T-Mobile's budget prepaid subsidiary, announced on Monday that it will give users free access to Facebook without a mobile plan. » zum Artikel

3 helpful tips to keep your inbox clean

Around ten years ago, like many longtime Hotmail users, I got a Gmail account and never looked back. Gmail was faster, more organized and just plain better. Well, that was then. These days, I've jumped ship yet again to the ultra-polished and spend most of my time using Microsoft's Hotmail successor. » zum Artikel

John Carmack abandons Id Software entirely to focus on the Oculus Rift

When legendary programmer John Carmack (Doom, Quake) took over as Oculus VR's Chief Technology Officer in August, it raised a bunch of questions: "Does this legitimize Oculus's technology" "Wait, I could've sworn I saw John Carmack showing off the Oculus at E3 2012--didn't he already work for Oculus" And, of course, "Is John Carmack human" » zum Artikel

How to downgrade your AirPort device's firmware

Reader Glen Green had some difficulty with a solution I recently offered. He writes: » zum Artikel

Microsoft announces apprentice of the year

Microsoft has announced the winner of its 2013 Apprentice of the Year competition. » zum Artikel

Simplify your email

If your email is completely under control--your Inbox is normally empty, filing new messages is a breeze, and you feel no anxiety at all about the number of messages you receive every day or the number you've stored over the years, you can stop reading this article now. For everyone else, I have a few suggestions to help simplify your email experience. » zum Artikel

Missing Pieces: Oculus overload, Titanfall cheater island, and COD meets Ahnold

Apologies, devout readers, for the lack of Missing Pieces last week. Who knew that writing about Game Developers Conference would leave my face all battered and bruised by the end, rendering me incapable of picking up news-related puzzle pieces off the ground » zum Artikel

How to transfer backups from Time Machine to a new Mac

Reader Mike Vogel is curious about configuring a new Mac with multiple transferred accounts. He writes: » zum Artikel

How to turn your Android phone into a hotspot without rooting

Does this sound familiar You're away from your home or office and need to get your laptop online, but there's no Starbucks or McDonald's in sight! » zum Artikel

Chomsky: Fight back against NSA spying or be 'complicit'

Now that the extent of the U.S. National Security Agency's surveillance programs has been exposed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, it's beholden on the public to fight back or else find themselves "complicit" in the activities, according to Massachusetts Institute of Technology linguistics professor and philosopher Noam Chomsky. » zum Artikel

BP locking down personal devices in the face of cyber warfare

Oil giant BP is currently having a "big internal debate" about how it can lock down personal computers without losing out on flexibility for employees, as a direct result of the increasing threat of cyber attacks. » zum Artikel

Make Windows Media Player the default audio player in Windows 8

Like many Windows 8 users, I spend most of my time using Desktop mode, which affords me a more Windows 7-like experience. » zum Artikel

Factory scene changes for iPhone workers in China but their budgets are tight

The iPhone 4 and 4S may no longer be cutting-edge in the U.S., but here in Zhengzhou, China, the handsets are becoming popular among the very low-wage workers that build them every day. » zum Artikel

Syncing calendars between Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard

Reader Ron Sharp has a question that continues to puzzle some Mac users. He writes: » zum Artikel

Clumsy Ninja: Who knew that becoming a ninja could be so...meh

I'm late to the Clumsy Ninja bandwagon, but I thought I'd give the iOS game a try during a holiday break from work. I really wanted to like Natural Motion's game, but after a few hours of level grinding with no payoff big or small, the game feels more like a chore than something enjoyable. » zum Artikel

Let's get small: One editor's journey from iPad to iPad mini

I've been a user of a full-size iPad since the first Wi-Fi model was released in April 2010. And until the iPad mini debuted near the end of 2012, it was just the iPad because your choice was 9.7 inches or nothing. » zum Artikel

How GOQii aims to reinvent wearable fit-tech with an army of personal wellness advisors

Sensors are overrated. We don't need them to generate more penetrating, rarefied data about what's going on inside our bodies. What we really need is a friendly face--a mentor, a confidante--who can help us put simple exercise and sleep data to good use. » zum Artikel

Seven New Year's resolutions for the Mac home office

I usually lose all enthusiasm for the shiny new habits of the new year by about January 4, giving me the rest of the year to feel like a failure. But I'm much more disciplined in work than in my personal life, so when it comes to my home business, I think I have a better chance for success. If you're considering adopting (or shedding) a habit or two, let my seven resolutions be food for thought. » zum Artikel

How Code Marketplaces Can Cut Application Development Costs

"Don't re-invent the wheel." That piece of advice can help software developers produce applications on time and on budget - and one of the best ways to avoid reinventing the wheel is to use software modules that have already been written. » zum Artikel

Nvidia Shield's 'GameStream' PC streaming is a tantalizing taste of the future

Lately it seems like everyone wants to help us get away from our gaming boxes. Sony lets you run PlayStation 4 games through a PlayStation Vita over Wi-Fi, and you can play certain Nintendo's Wii U games through its GamePad controller. Valve is also testing "in-home streaming" for its Steam service, allowing one PC to beam games to another on the same network. » zum Artikel

Separated at birth: Why Apple won't merge OS X and iOS

Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone, one argument that continually rears its ugly head is that the company must somehow find a way to merge its desktop and mobile operating systems into a single product. Most recently, one analyst has claimed that the folks from Cupertino are working on an "iAnywhere" operating system that would allow a special dock to turn a tablet into a full-fledged desktop ... » zum Artikel

Bill Gates steps aside as chairman, becomes Nadella's consigliore

Microsoft today said that co-founder Bill Gates will step down as chairman of the board to spend his time with the company advising the new CEO, Satya Nadella. » zum Artikel

There's really no such thing as a 'best' mobile provider

As with all things tech, there are rabidly loyal fans of each of the four major mobile network providers, and strong opinions on all sides about which is the "best." While Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile each have their pros and cons, it's virtually impossible to declare one the winner. » zum Artikel

The physics of a healthy business

"I've spent most of my career on leading change initiatives as an integral part of the business, rather than focusing on technology", says Dr Philip Nesci, CIO for Monash Health, Victoria's largest health care provider. » zum Artikel

Facebook backlash sees small businesses following suit

Medium isn't the first outlet to express a growing dissatisfaction with Facebook, but it is one of the more eloquent ones. In a lengthy monograph on the subject published this week, writer Jeswin opined on its increasing irrelevance to his life, calling the bulk of his news feed "absolutely useless" and the sharing system "completely broken." » zum Artikel

How the Surface Pro 2 became my favorite computer

A funny thing happened to me when I started playing around with a Surface Pro 2: It became my favorite computer. » zum Artikel

NZ post-production company benefits from Oracle storage solution

With a need to be able to quickly scale up its storage without blowing the budget, Department of Post (DoP) turned to Oracle's StorageTek SL150. » zum Artikel

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Sportaktivitäten, tägliche Ausgaben, Arbeitszeiten, oder einfach schöne Momente und Erinnerungen: Mit dem iPhone lassen sich alle erdenklichen Daten bequem erfassen und auswerten. Man braucht nur die passenden Apps dazu.
Sportaktivitäten, tägliche Ausgaben, Arbeitszeiten, oder einfach schöne Momente und Erinnerungen: Mit dem iPhone lassen sich alle erdenklichen Daten bequem erfassen und auswerten. Man braucht nur die passenden Apps dazu.
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