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Wi-Fi's fast 802.11ac standard may pay off big in mobile

The emerging IEEE 802.11ac wireless LAN standard will be able to deliver faster connections wherever it's used, but the biggest benefit may come at public hotspots -- eventually. » zum Artikel

HP Sets Standard for 2014 IT Analyst Presentations

This week's HP Industry Analyst Summit is IT's first company-wide, analyst-only event. That means it sets the bar that the others will attempt to beat this year. » zum Artikel

Banks push for tokenization standard to secure credit card payments

A group representing 22 of the world's largest banks is pushing for broad adoption in the U.S. of payment card technology called tokenization, citing shortcomings in the planned migration to the Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV) smartcard standard over the next two years. » zum Artikel

Cat 8: TIA performance standards committee chairman previews parameters of forthcoming twisted-pair cable standard for 40G

Category 8, the next-generation twisted-pair cabling specification, is still in development, but the outlook looks quite positive that it will be specified to 2GHz, four times today's bandwidth of 500MHz, promising a new copper speedway for data centers in the not-too-distant future. » zum Artikel

As Yahoo makes encryption standard for email, weak implementation seen

Yahoo has started to automatically encrypt connections between users and its email service, adding an important security layer that rival Gmail has had for almost four years, but its implementation needs work, according to at least one security expert. » zum Artikel

CME Group and Chevron launch new spatial programming standard

Energy company Chevron and derivatives marketplace owner CME Group are part of a consortium that has launched a new spatial programming standard. » zum Artikel

Quantum crypto, standard private key blended for first time

ID Quantique has found a way to blend quantum-key cryptography with more traditional crypto, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The effect is to gain certain advantages offered by both for private-key-based encryption. » zum Artikel

SOS Online Backup offers a lifeline to those concerned about data privacy

Online backup is a great thing, and there are a lot of companies offering it. But many farm out your data to storage sub-contractors and are reluctant to share even basic facts about how they go about their business. Even large concerns such as Microsoft and Google are reticent to provide details. SOS Online Backup owns all its own data centers and is very forthcoming about how they handle your ... » zum Artikel

Box to offer usage-based pricing, file conversion service

As it heads toward an estimated US$250 million initial public offering, cloud storage and collaboration provider Box is thinking outside, well, itself. » zum Artikel

TVS Motor Company Rides Benefits Off Shelf Engineering

It takes eight seconds to roll out a two wheeler at the TVS Motor Company. For IT to deploy a solution at that speed is unheard of. But the CIO of the company has changed that by reducing the time-to-market an IT solution by 65 percent. Here's how. » zum Artikel

Seven off-the-grid chargers for your portable devices

When the power grid is close at hand, most smartphones and tablets have no problem lasting through a full day. But take that plentiful electricity away, and keeping our gadgets going becomes more difficult--despite many recent advancements, battery technology hasn't kept up with our constant need for more power. And given that these days we're taking our gear to more--and more-remote--places than ... » zum Artikel

5 things you need to know about new Payment Card Industry (PCI 3.0) standard

There's a new version of the Payment Card Industry standard for network security -- PCI 3.0 out today from the group overseeing its publication, the PCI Security Standards Council.  » zum Artikel

Industrie will Standard für vernetztes Heim etablieren

Smart Home: Eine Allianz der Elektronik- und Netzwerk-Unternehmen ABB, Bosch, Cisco und LG will einen neuen Standard für das vernetzte Heim durchsetzen. » zum Artikel

KPN strikes deal with Silent Circle to offer encrypted phone calls

Dutch telecom operator KPN has struck a deal with encrypted communications provider Silent Circle to start offering its Dutch, German and Belgian customers encrypted phone calls and text messages. » zum Artikel

EMV smartcards offer security benefits even without PIN, Visa says

A senior executive from Visa Inc. this week dismissed concerns over the manner in which the Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV) chip card standard is being implemented in the U.S. and insisted the move will yield significant security benefits for retailers, consumers and banks. » zum Artikel

Amazon Web Service now offers R on demand

Amazon Web Services now offers a hosted version of the R programming language, providing an easy way for individuals and organizations to start and test their big-data-styled analysis projects. » zum Artikel

New NIST cybersecurity standards could pose liability risks

Critical infrastructure companies could face new liability risks if they fail to meet voluntary cybersecurity standards being developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. » zum Artikel

Samsung to offer 3 new tablets starting Feb. 13

Samsung announced that three of its latest four Galaxy tablet models running Android 4.4 (KitKat) will go on sale at U.S. retailers starting Feb. 13, with online orders starting today. » zum Artikel

BT switch-off could leave unprepared businesses without internet, warns service provider

Some businesses across the UK could be left without an internet connection within the next couple of months as BT charges ahead with its plans to turn off older network services. » zum Artikel

Silent Circle moves away from NIST cryptographic standards, cites uncertainty

The U.S. National Security Agency's reported efforts to weaken encryption standards have prompted an encrypted communications company to move away from cryptographic algorithms sanctioned by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). » zum Artikel

SMEs to make a Mint off mobile payment app development platform

Mint wireless have launched an app development platform for iOS and Android to take advantage of burgeoning mobile Point-of-Sale transactions. » zum Artikel

Icahn wants eBay to spin off PayPal

Activist investor Carl Icahn has proposed that eBay spin off its payments unit PayPal into a separate company. » zum Artikel

4G Data Service in Cars Offers Amazing Potential, Familiar Challenges

At the recent L.A. Auto Show, Audi announced a new feature in automotive technology. It's not as eye-catching as the rear spoiler on a Mercedes SLS AMG, but the 2015 Audi A3 will provide 4G service running at 100Mbps directly into the car. » zum Artikel

President Obama praises NSA, offers little in mass surveillance reform

President Barack Obama today said his administration is going to change some aspects of how the National Security Agency and other U.S. intelligence agencies conduct surveillance and hold data collected on U.S and foreign individuals. But his goals fell far short of what was recommended in the 46 proposals for reform of the NSA spelled out last month by the five-member working group he appointed. » zum Artikel

Why Valve's hands-off philosophy stained the Steam Machines' big launch

After more than a year of whispers, job postings bemoaning the lack of innovation in the computer hardware space, and outright teasing, Valve finally-- finally!--took the wraps off its highly anticipated Steam Machine endeavor at CES 2014. » zum Artikel

GoDaddy teams with Microsoft to offer Office 365 to small businesses

Microsoft and GoDaddy have partnered to offer Office 365 as the exclusive business-class email and productivity tools service for GoDaddy's small business customers. » zum Artikel

Corsair offers USB stick that plugs straight into smartphone or tablet

Corsair has become the latest storage vendor to offer smartphone and tablet users a flash stick that can be plugged straight into their devices using the USB On-The-Go (OTG) standard. » zum Artikel

Sharp shows off Q+, billed as highest-res full HD TV available

Resolution fanatics hoping that 4K TVs will become cheaper got some welcome news from Sharp on Monday when it unveiled its Aquos 4K Ultra HD, with 60- and 70-inch versions priced at USD$4,999.99 and $5,999.99, respectively. » zum Artikel

Mute Mac startup sounds: How to turn off wake-up noises in Mac OS X Mavericks

My Mac (which is running OS X Mavericks) makes a deafening noise when it starts up, even if headphones are plugged in. How can I mute it And why is it bypassing the headphones Normally having them plugged in mutes the speakers automatically. » zum Artikel

Graphene sticky notes to offer 32GB capacity you can write on

A start-up company hopes to launch a new consumer data storage product that uses film-thin, graphene-based flash drives users can make notations on and then stick anywhere like a sticky note. » zum Artikel

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The emerging IEEE 802.11ac wireless LAN standard will be able to deliver faster connections wherever it's used, but the biggest benefit may come at public hotspots -- eventually.
Linux als Serverbetriebssystem hat sich in den vergangenen Jahren etabliert. Es existieren diverse ausgewiesene Serverdistributionen. Im folgenden Artikel haben wir empfehlenswerte Lösungen mit ihren jeweiligen Stärken zusammengefasst.
Smart Home, das vernetzte Heim, rückt mit den Möglichkeiten von Smartphones und neuen Übertragungswegen zunehmend aus der Highend-Nische und erreicht langsam den Massenmarkt.