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Microsoft refines text editor in Outlook Web App

Microsoft has added features to the text editor of Outlook Web App to improve its handling of text, tables, images and hyperlinks. » zum Artikel

Skype for rolls out worldwide with new HD video call support

Good news, social butterflies! Nearly a year after Microsoft first added Skype functionality to on a preview basis, the communication tool is officially rolling out to inboxes throughout the world--complete with new HD video calling capabilities. » zum Artikel

Microsoft finally rolls out integration to all users

After testing a preview version of the integration for almost a year in some markets, Microsoft has now made it generally available to all users. » zum Artikel

3 helpful tips to keep your inbox clean

Around ten years ago, like many longtime Hotmail users, I got a Gmail account and never looked back. Gmail was faster, more organized and just plain better. Well, that was then. These days, I've jumped ship yet again to the ultra-polished and spend most of my time using Microsoft's Hotmail successor. » zum Artikel

Outlook 2013: E-Mails mit Verzögerung absenden

Tipp für Microsoft Office 2013 und Office 365: Outlook 2013: E-Mails mit Verzögerung absenden (Foto: MEV Verlag)
Tipp für Microsoft Office 2013 und Office 365: Ein Klick oder eine Tastenkombination und weg ist die E-Mail. Ein kleiner Zeitpuffer beim Versenden gibt einem die Chance noch etwas zu ändern, oder etwa einen Anhang anzufügen, bevor die Nachricht wirklich versendet wird. » zum Artikel
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Use's aliases to hide your true email address from prying eyes

Microsoft's isn't anywhere near as tweakable as Gmail, but one great thing does offer is email aliases--multiple, independent email addresses belonging to a single account. » zum Artikel

PS4 and Xbox help AMD to a profit, but outlook disappoints

Advanced Micro Devices has reported a profit for the fourth quarter, thanks largely to the sale of its chips in the latest game consoles from Microsoft and Sony. » zum Artikel

2014 outlook: Innovation agenda makes shadow IT OK

"Cautious optimism" has been the prevailing sentiment in the tech industry for the past few years, but in 2014 can we finally expect more confidence » zum Artikel

Global IT spending outlook 'better but subpar' for 2014, Forrester says

Global spending on technology will rise 6.2 percent in U.S. dollars to US$2.22 trillion in 2014, helped by an improving economy and growing interest in areas such as mobility and cloud computing, according to new data from Forrester Research. » zum Artikel

Tipps und Tricks für Microsoft Office 2013

Tipps zu Outlook, Excel, Word und Co.: Tipps und Tricks für Microsoft Office 2013 (Foto: Microsoft)
Tipps zu Outlook, Excel, Word und Co.: Mal eben in Excel Werte aus einer Zelle auf mehrere aufteilen, in Powerpoint-Präsentationen Schriften einbetten oder Outlook-Besprechungen richtig absagen. Mit den folgenden Tipps für Microsoft Office kommt man bei vielen Problemstellungen schneller zum Ziel. » zum Artikel
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  • Thomas Rieske

State of the CSO in 2013 shows an improved outlook

On paper, in many ways, the state of the CSO appears to be improving. Budgets in many enterprises appear to be headed in the right direction: up. So is staffing. CSOs are also getting to do what they've wanted to do for a decade and are spending more time with the top executives in their organizations. » zum Artikel aims to ease the switch from Gmail

Microsoft renews its battle with email user inertia as it tries to convert more Gmail users to » zum Artikel

Microsoft tries to lure Gmail users with automated migration tool

Microsoft has opened another front in its webmail war against Google with the release of a new tool designed to automate the migration process for Gmail users who want to switch to » zum Artikel aims to ease the switch from Gmail

Microsoft renews its battle with email user inertia as it tries to convert more Gmail users to » zum Artikel

Microsoft tries to lure Gmail users with automated migration tool

Microsoft has opened another front in its webmail war against Google with the release of a new tool designed to automate the migration process for Gmail users who want to switch to » zum Artikel

Bugs & Fixes: Dealing with iPhone flash, low-quality Netflix, and Outlook junk issues

For today's Bugs & Fixes, I offer potential remedies to a trio of unrelated problems, each one too minor to justify an entire column to itself. » zum Artikel

Novell Has a Positive Outlook on Reimaging Itself: Bob Flynn

Bob Flynn, President and GM, Attachmate and Novell Business Units, speaks about how the company is re-imaging itself with new technology products. » zum Artikel calendar maintenance enters its second week

Maintenance work on's calendar application is now in its second week, and the lengthy, ongoing tune-up could be causing problems for users. » zum Artikel

How to use the revamped Android app's handy new features

With for Android's modern UI-style makeover behind done, Microsoft is turning its attention to boosting the app's functionality, recently releasing an update that packs a plethora of improvements and new features. » zum Artikel

Microsoft quietly recycling accounts

Like Yahoo, Microsoft is recycling email accounts, doing so without mentioning it in service agreements for Hotmail, Live and » zum Artikel

How to fix Gmail sync problems in Outlook 2013

Regular readers know that I'm less than fond of Microsoft Outlook, which I consider a bloated, confusing, often buggy program. But I'm sort of stuck with it, and I'll admit I was pleasantly surprised by the various improvements in Outlook 2013. » zum Artikel

Microsoft working out kinks in's IMAP implementation

Getting to work with email client applications via IMAP is proving to be a challenge for some users of the Microsoft webmail service. » zum Artikel

Here's how to use's long-overdue IMAP support

More than a year after Microsoft introduced its revamped, modern-style webmail service, finally--finally!--supports IMAP. » zum Artikel

'Loud and clear' user requests prompt Microsoft to add IMAP to now supports the IMAP email retrieval technology, expanding the scope of client software and devices that can interact with the Microsoft webmail service. » zum Artikel

Reddit AMA featuring Microsoft team tackles NSA, IMAP, Gmail

Microsoft's engineers and product managers, a little more than a year since the revamped messaging service launched, took to Reddit Thursday to field questions on topics that ranged from the controversial (NSA email snooping) to the technical (IMAP support). » zum Artikel

Buggy Microsoft update hamstrings Outlook 2013

An Office 2013 non-security update, part of yesterday's massive Patch Tuesday, blanks the folder pane in Outlook 2013, the suite's email client, drawing complaints from customers on Microsoft's support forum. » zum Artikel

Microsoft Patch Tuesday brings critical Explorer, Outlook fixes

Microsoft has shipped fixes for critical vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and Outlook as part of September's round of vulnerability fixes. » zum Artikel

Microsoft to patch dangerous Outlook hack-by-preview bug next week

Microsoft today said it will ship 14 security updates next week to patch critical vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer (IE), Windows, Office and SharePoint, its enterprise collaboration platform. » zum Artikel

BleakBerry: The gloomy outlook

It all seemed so positive at BlackBerry Live in Florida earlier this year, didn't it New BlackBerry 10 devices were on the horizon, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) was going to be made available on other platforms, and BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) 10.1 was garnering headlines. » zum Artikel

Microsoft beschenkt

Gratis-Speicher: Microsoft beschenkt (Foto: Microsoft)
Gratis-Speicher: Wer zu den frühen zählt, erhält vielleicht demnächst eine E-Mail von Microsoft. In dieser finden Sie unter anderem einen Gratis-Code für 3 GB mehr SkyDrive-Speicher. Die Sache hat aber einen Haken. » zum Artikel
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Mit dem Einsatz von Suchordnern können Sie unter Outlook Ihre E-Mail-Nachrichten deutlich übersichtlicher organisieren. Das erspart manch manuelle Suche nach bestimmten E-Mails.
Abläufe automatisieren, Ordnung bei E-Mails schaffen und Besprechungen richtig absagen: Mit den richtigen Kniffen kann man sich den Umgang mit Microsofts Outlook 2013 deutlich erleichtern.
Outlook 2013 unterstützt zahlreiche Tastenkürzel, mit denen die Arbeit deutlich leichter von der Hand geht. Wir haben für Sie die wichtigsten Kombinationen für Outlook tabellarisch übersichtlich zusammengefasst.