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Die besten Security Tools

Surfen, Passwörter und Laufwerke: Die besten Security Tools (Foto: MEV Verlag)
Surfen, Passwörter und Laufwerke: Bordmittel für sicheres Surfen, die Verwaltung von Passwörtern und ein geschütztes Datei-Handling sind in Windows und Linux bereits rudimentär vorhanden. Doch erst mit den richtigen Tools lassen sich Komfort und Funktionalität deutlich erhöhen. » zum Artikel
  • Bernhard Haluschak
  • Christian Vilsbeck

Non-Microsoft security flaws cause biggest headache, says Secunia

Three quarters of Windows security vulnerabilities in 2013 were connected to non-Microsoft programs that often lack adequate patching mechanisms, an analysis by security firm Secunia has found. » zum Artikel

Vodafone, Ericsson test feature to make rural mobile coverage cheaper

Ericsson and Vodafone in Egypt have successfully tested a new way to build more energy-efficient networks in rural areas, and make it possible to build networks where they previously could not be built, according to the vendor. » zum Artikel

ODI urges government to be 'bold' on open data for business

The Open Data Institute (ODI) has welcomed the findings of Stephan Shakespeare in his Independent Review of Public Sector Information, and has called on the government to drive them forward, by "turning recommendations into real progress". » zum Artikel

World's first 3D printed metal gun blows through 50 rounds

A 3D printing services company has built a fully functioning, semi-automatic pistol and shown that it works just as a traditionally manufactured gun. » zum Artikel

How to build the ultimate PC security suite for free

If you have a PC, you're a target. » zum Artikel

How to keep your PC secure when Microsoft ends Windows XP support

The Windows XPocalypse is almost upon us. After a legendary dozen year run, Microsoft will stop providing security patches for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. Without Microsoft's protection, all those WinXP PCs will have targets painted on their hard drives. » zum Artikel

How to fix your PC's worst annoyances

They say it's the little things that count, and that goes doubly so for PCs. Modern-day computers have enough processing power to cure diseases and crunch your monthly budget numbers without breaking a sweat--but none of that matters if you're so annoyed by interface quirks and little irritations that merely sending email is an exercise in frustration. » zum Artikel

Non-Microsoft security flaws the ones to watch, Secunia analysis finds

The number of security flaws affecting Windows users rose five percent last year and the culprits are overwhelmingly non-Microsoft programs, the latest study from information provider Secunia has found. » zum Artikel

Apple, Microsoft to leap on app auto-update bandwagon

By this fall, Apple and Microsoft will have followed in the footsteps of Google to automatically update apps on their mobile and desktop platforms, another step in the trend to take security out of users' hands. » zum Artikel

How to dummy-proof the PCs of friends and family

BRR-RING! The phone rings at midnight, interrupting your sleep--or worse, your late night Steam session with your gaming clan. Is someone sick Did a car hit your dog Is it your pal, calling to tell you he got the munchies and discovered that, joy of joys, the McRib is back Perplexed (and maybe a bit hungry), you pick up your handset, and hear the ominous words: "Hi, sorry to call you, but I'm having ... » zum Artikel

Five essential security measures to protect your business--no matter its size

Paranoia--in small doses--is an excellent preventive medicine. If you think your business is too small to be a target for hackers, identity thieves, and similarly unsavory characters, you're dangerously underestimating the value of your business. » zum Artikel

How to protect your PC against devious security traps

Securing your PC against the malicious wilds of the Web isn't as simple as just keeping your antivirus software of choice up-to-date. In fact, the pervasiveness of security software has forced the bad guys to turn to increasingly clever tricks in their quest to "pwn" your PC. » zum Artikel

7 things you can do to make Internet Explorer more secure

How well Internet Explorer--or any Web browser, for that matter--protects against attacks and malware greatly depends on whether you keep it up to date and have the right security settings. Here's how to take the proper security measures with Internet Explorer 9 and 10. » zum Artikel

12 Must-Do PC Tasks

Computers may have become a lot more user-friendly over the past decade, but they're still far from perfect--PCs require a certain amount of configuration and maintenance to operate at their full potential. Unfortunately, because we humans are also far from perfect, we frequently don't put in the work we should, and we end up with a slower, sloppier, less secure machine as a result. » zum Artikel

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Der kostenlose "Personal Software Inspector" (PSI) des dänischen Sicherheitsspezialisten Secunia prüft, ob die installierten Programme auf dem aktuellsten Sicherheitsstandard sind.
Danish vulnerability intelligence and research firm Secunia has launched version 3.0 of its (PSI) patch management program, which can silently install security updates for a large number of software applications.
Bordmittel für sicheres Surfen, die Verwaltung von Passwörtern und ein geschütztes Datei-Handling sind in Windows und Linux bereits rudimentär vorhanden. Doch erst mit den richtigen Tools lassen sich Komfort und Funktionalität deutlich erhöhen.