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Allianz verbessert Applikations-Monitoring

Performance Management: Allianz verbessert Applikations-Monitoring (Foto: Allianz)
Performance Management: Die Allianz führt eine neue APM-Lösung (Application Performance Management) ein. Dafür setzt der Konzern dynaTrace von Compuware ein. » zum Artikel
  • Werner Kurzlechner
    Werner Kurzlechner

    Werner Kurzlechner lebt als freier Journalist in Berlin. Schwerpunktmäßig kümmert er sich um die Themenfelder BI und IT-Projekte. Neben CIO war und ist der Wirtschaftshistoriker für CFOWorld sowie Fachmagazine und Tageszeitungen jenseits der IT-Welt tätig.

Risiken erkennen, Transparenz schaffen

Continuous Monitoring: Risiken erkennen, Transparenz schaffen (Foto: 2jenn -
Continuous Monitoring: Mit einem Continuous-Monitoring-System können Unternehmen ihre Geschäftsprozesse transparenter gestalten und gefährliche Risiken eindämmen. » zum Artikel
  • Thomas Erwin
  • Sven Marlinghaus

Kaseya Now Lets MSPs Offer Single Pane Infrastructure Monitoring

Eric Dykes, CEO of United Technology Group (UTG), a Georgia-based managed service provider (MSP), noticed his team starting to experience "tool sprawl." UTG's customers rely on the MSP to be a one-stop shop that monitors and manages telecommunication, networking and cloud services. However, the number of separate monitoring tools required to do so was getting out of hand. » zum Artikel

Power to the portable: 3 high-performance mobile workstations

Sales of PCs have fallen by 11% since 2012, according to statistics compiled by Gartner analysts. However, there is one niche market that is still doing well: mobile workstations. This category has seen an upsurge with increasing sales. » zum Artikel

HMRC's website performance on a par with Google

An analysis of 35 UK websites last year has revealed that HMRC's website performance was on a par with Google, with both organisations coming top of the list. » zum Artikel

Tech Performance Issues Plague IT and Businesses

Outlook connection problems system crashing repeatedly Trouble connecting to internal human resources systems You're not alone. » zum Artikel

Compuware extends application monitoring with infrastructure metrics

Compuware has updated its application performance management (APM) software to give administrators more insight into what might be slowing application performance, thanks to the inclusion of new metrics showing the operational health of the host infrastructure. » zum Artikel 'needs to analyse end user, not just data centre, performance'

The performance of has shown no signs of improvement despite the US government publishing a report saying that the website now had uptime of more than 90 percent, an analysis has found. » zum Artikel

Liberia implements international gateway monitoring system

A newly implemented International Gateway Management System (IGMS) should give Liberian authorities the tools they need to monitor and enforce compliance with telecom regulations, paving the way for further development of the sector, according to industry players. » zum Artikel

DIA extends gambling monitoring systems, despite questions over vendor

The Department of Internal Affairs is about to roll out a new gambling monitoring system from existing supplier Intralot, a company whose founder is the subject of international scrutiny. » zum Artikel

The changing face of performance management for virtual infrastructures

This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach. » zum Artikel

New Relic to mine performance data for business insights

Software provider New Relic is extending its system administrator tools for monitoring the performance of applications to help business managers as well. » zum Artikel

The evolution of the IT performance evaluation

How many lines of code did you write this quarter By how many hours (or days or weeks) were you behind in delivering your latest project Was it over or under budget, and if so, by how much How quickly were you able to get your last program to testing » zum Artikel

Smart ADCs ensure app performance regardless of the access device and network used

This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach. » zum Artikel

Amazon gives DynamoDB a performance boost

Amazon Web Services is improving the performance of its DynamoDB database service with Parallel Scan, which gives users faster access to their tables. » zum Artikel

Compuware unveils free mobile app performance system

Compuware has unveiled a free on-demand mobile application performance management (APM) service.The Compuware Mobile Application Monitoring Free Edition is a SaaS-based native mobile APM system that monitors mobile performance, so that organisations can see who is using their app, how they are using it, the performance of transactions within the app, and why and for whom the app might be crashing. » zum Artikel

Fraunhofer testet acht BPM-Suites

SAP, Adobe, Bosch und Bizagi: Fraunhofer testet acht BPM-Suites (Foto: Fraunhofer IESE)
SAP, Adobe, Bosch und Bizagi: Der umfangreiche Test von acht BPM-Suites etwa von Adobe, Axon, SAP und Bosch offenbart Stärken und Schwächen der Prozess-Management-Produkte. Er zeigt zudem: Das eine, alles umfassende BPM-Tool gibt es nicht. » zum Artikel
  • Joachim Hackmann
    Joachim Hackmann
    Als Computerwoche Chefreporter Online spürt Joachim Hackmann aktuelle Themen aus allen Segmenten der IT-Branche auf. Seine thematische Vorliebe gilt der IT-Servicebranche. Dazu zählen etwa Trends, Neuerungen, Produkte und Unternehmen aus den Bereichen Cloud Computing, XaaS, Offshoring und Outsourcing sowie System-Integration und Consulting.

Fluke networks named in Gartner Leaders' quadrant

Fluke Networks has been named in Gartner's Leaders' quadrant for network performance monitoring and diagnostics. » zum Artikel

Top open source network management tools

As networking continues to expand and diversify, encompassing a growing number of wired and wireless devices, the demand for network monitoring tools remains high. While feature-packed commercial products abound, the growing market for monitoring tools has also fueled robust offerings from the open source community. » zum Artikel

ICO monitors Cabinet Office on FOI response times...again

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is monitoring the Cabinet Office over the timeliness of its responses to freedom of information (FOI) requests again, despite the department signing an undertaking to make improvements three years ago. » zum Artikel

With SaaS, IT no longer owns responsibility for service levels, right

This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach. » zum Artikel

Compuware improves hybrid mobile development

Compuware has unveiled a new generation of application performance management (APM) solutions for mobile developers. » zum Artikel

Compuware unveils Hadoop solution on AWS

Compuware has unveiled a solution to optimise Hadoop on Amazon Web Services. » zum Artikel

IRESS deploys Emulex Intelligent Network Recorder

Network monitoring vendor, Emulex, has continued its bold foray into the Australian finance sector with a deal to provide IRESS with new levels of network visibility. » zum Artikel

Kaseya launches Traverse

IT management software vendor, Kaseya, has launched Traverse, which provides a service-centric view of the distributed Cloud and IT infrastructure. » zum Artikel

Sechs Social-Analytics-Tools im Vergleich

Twitter und Foren durchsuchen: Sechs Social-Analytics-Tools im Vergleich (Foto: ra2 studio,
Twitter und Foren durchsuchen: Die besten von über 300 Beobachtungswerkzeugen haben im Performance-Test unterschiedliche Stärken gezeigt. Je nach Einsatzland oder Art der Datenquelle - Twitter, Blogs, News, Foren - empfiehlt sich ein anderes Tool. » zum Artikel
  • Jan Sedlacek
  • Stephanie Wörmann
  • Tobias Lehr

Security Manager's Journal: Giving thanks for SIEM

The holidays are upon us once again. Traditionally, this means it's a time to be thankful for what we have. I, for one, am thankful for my SIEM. » zum Artikel

China's Great Firewall blamed for eight-hour Internet blackout

The extraordinary Internet outage that left hundreds of millions of Chinese Internet users unable to access the web on Tuesday afternoon lasted for eight hours and spread its effects across the globe, monitoring firm Compuware has reported. » zum Artikel

Poundland outsources network and data centre

Poundland has outsourced the running of its network and data centre to NextiraOne. » zum Artikel

Solving the customer experience riddle: A Q&A with two experts

Riddle this: All your core performance metrics are glowing green, but customers on the other end of the network are still cursing your service. How can IT get to the root of the problem Network World Editor in Chief John Dix put the question to two experts: Tony Davis, vice president solution strategy at CA Technologies, who once faced that challenge working for FedEx on the company's web site and ... » zum Artikel

Artikel zum Thema "Performance Monitoring" im IDG-Netzwerk

Die IT-Verantwortlichen in Unternehmen haben es in ihrem Arbeitsalltag mit unterschiedlichsten Herausforderungen zu tun. Eine Netzwerk-Monitoring-Software kann sie dabei unterstützen: Das Tool überwacht die gesamte IT-Infrastruktur und alarmiert die IT-Abteilung, sobald etwas "Ungewöhnliches" passiert.
Die Allianz führt eine neue APM-Lösung (Application Performance Management) ein. Dafür setzt der Konzern dynaTrace von Compuware ein.
Unternehmen, die sich in Sicherheit wiegen und am Netzwerk-Monitoring sparen, riskieren eine teure "Operation am offenen Herzen" oder gar einen Komplettausfall. Es gibt bei der Systemüberwachung neue Anforderungen durch Trends wie Cloud-Computing.