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Rapid 7 to offer new tools for risk management, performance tracking

BOSTON - Rapid 7 this week unveiled a new set of tools designed to help businesses better judge the overall effectiveness of existing security controls and the risk associated with users across the organization. » zum Artikel

Gutes Risk-Management braucht Datenqualität

Banken investieren: Gutes Risk-Management braucht Datenqualität (Foto: Spectral-Design -
Banken investieren: Sechs von zehn Banken werden in den kommenden drei Jahren mehr Geld für Risk Management ausgeben. Dabei beschäftigen die großen Häuser derzeit im Schnitt bereits 250 Vollzeit-Kräfte allein für dieses Thema, wie Deloitte ausgerechnet hat. » zum Artikel
  • Christiane Pütter
    Christiane Pütter

    Christiane Pütter ist Journalistin aus München. Sie schreibt über IT, Business und Wissenschaft. Zu ihren Auftraggebern zählen neben CIO und Computerwoche mehrere Corporate-Publishing-Magazine, vor allem im Bereich Banken/Versicherungen.

IT Leaders Share Tips on Managing Security Risks

IT security is a tricky issue: Too much security -- or too little -- could bankrupt your company. The key is to strike the right balance. These three IT executives share their advice. » zum Artikel Proceed at your own risk

Nearly six months after the Obamacare rollout, the agency in charge of its website,, says it is reasonably secure. » zum Artikel

A clear-eyed guide to Mac OS X's actual security risks

Apple's Mac computers and its OS X operating system have enjoyed a reputation of being relatively secure over the years. But in fact, experts say, the Apple OS has had security issues that might have been downplayed only because the vulnerabilities were not exploited. » zum Artikel

The risk of offshoring security

Over the past twenty years or more, corporations in nearly all industries have been outsourcing and offshoring at hyperdrive. » zum Artikel

Even Apple and Google can't protect users from inherent mobile app risks

To paraphrase a phrase, there is no such thing as a free app. » zum Artikel

Direct Line warns of system failure risk as RBS IT migration continues

Direct Line Group has warned that the ongoing separation of IT from the Royal Bank of Scotland presents a risk of systems failure. » zum Artikel

Poorly managed SSH keys pose serious risks for most companies

Many companies are dangerously exposed to threats like the recently revealed Mask Advanced Persistent Threat because they don't properly manage the Secure Shell (SSH) cryptographic keys used to authenticate access to critical internal systems and services. » zum Artikel

MapR's New Hadoop Distribution Promises No-Risk Updgrade

The company has taken a different tack with its distribution than competitors Cloudera and Hortonworks-unlike it competitors, MapR has committed to backward compatibility, enabling organizations to run the Hadoop MapReduce 1.x and YARN schedulers on the same nodes in the cluster simultaneously. » zum Artikel

The art and science of risk management

Computers, networks, and information security seem to fall comfortably under the heading of science, but science alone is not enough. Security system developer Tripwire recently conducted a survey in cooperation with the Ponemon Institute to find out whether IT professionals consider risk management to be "science" or "art." » zum Artikel

5 ways to create a collaborative risk management program

How do you handle understanding the enterprise risks in a corporation where all of the risk management functions are dispersed in differential line management -- General Counsel, Finance, Technology, Facilities How do you define the participating functions Yes, the ideal situation is having these groups housed under a Chief Risk Officer or Head of Operational Risk, but in the absence of organization ... » zum Artikel

Cloud und Social Media gefährden die IT-Sicherheit

Schwächen im Risk-Management : Cloud und Social Media gefährden die IT-Sicherheit (Foto: olly -
Schwächen im Risk-Management : Die IT-Sicherheitsvorfälle nehmen zu. Um teure IT-Ausfälle zu vermeiden, brauchen CIOs ein effizientes IT-Risiko-Managementsystem. Doch damit hapert es noch. » zum Artikel
  • Andreas Schaffry
    Andreas Schaffry

    Dr. Andreas Schaffry ist freiberuflicher IT-Fachjournalist und seit 2006 für die tätig. Die inhaltlichen Schwerpunkte seiner Berichterstattung liegen in den Bereichen ERP, Business Intelligence, CRM und SCM mit Schwerpunkt auf SAP und in der Darstellung aktueller IT-Trends wie SaaS, Cloud Computing oder Enterprise Mobility. Er schreibt insbesondere über die vielfältigen Wechselwirkungen zwischen IT und Business und die damit verbundenen Transformationsprozesse in Unternehmen.

Statistics point to increased physical danger risks of cyberterrorism

"Traditional terrorism refers to violent acts that indiscriminately target civilians," says Jon Iadonisi, former Navy SEAL, cyber security expert and co-founder, White Canvas Group. Traditional terrorists are largely interested in achieving or thwarting political or ideological goals in the process. "Cyberterrorism invokes the specific use of computer networks to induce violence against innocent ... » zum Artikel

Why don't risk management programs work

When the moderator of a panel discussion at the recent RSA conference asked the audience how many thought their risk management programs were successful, only a handful raised their hands. So Network World Editor in Chief John Dix asked two of the experts on that panel to hash out in an email exchange why these programs don't tend to work.  » zum Artikel

Wann zahlt die Versicherung?

IT-Security: Wann zahlt die Versicherung? (Foto: Andrea Danti -
IT-Security: Hacker, Cracker, Datenfänger: Unternehmen können sich gegen Cyberkriminalität und Datenverlust wappnen und mögliche Schäden teilweise versichern. » zum Artikel
  • Robin Kroha
  • Stefan Sievers

Risk mitigation a key focus for businesses: UXC Eclipse

Risk mitigation is a key consideration as stakeholders look for security and guaranteed project outcomes, according to UXC Eclipse. » zum Artikel

Banks must 'significantly upgrade' IT systems for risk compliance, says Basel Committee

Banks are unable to adequately assess financial risk due to delays in upgrading IT systems, according to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. » zum Artikel

How to Mitigate Business Risk Using SAM and SLM Tools

Superstorm Sandy, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant near-meltdown and ongoing regional natural disasters such as Typhoon Haiyan all wreak havoc with the capability of many affected companies - thousands, if not more - to continue business operations. » zum Artikel

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Offers Risks and Rewards

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is designed to deliver virtual desktops to client computers over a network from a centralized source. With traditional VDI, you create a master image (reference computer, or core) to use for all clients, then personalize images as needed. » zum Artikel

A fistful of security fixes to help CSOs stay ahead of risks

No matter how valiant the efforts of chief security officers, or how much businesses say they focus on securing their systems, or the amount of money spent on IT defenses -- many of the same IT security challenges persist. » zum Artikel

Holiday security risks are in the real world too, not just online

The ubiquitous warnings about online shopping risks are well founded. As numerous experts are reminding consumers and businesses, the high season for shopping is also the high season for cybercrime. » zum Artikel

A clear-eyed guide to Android's actual security risks

If you're an Android user -- or want to be -- you've likely heard about all the security risks of Google's mobile operating system. But how real are these threats, and how much damage can they do Despite the fears, are Android devices actually a safe bet for an enterprise mobility strategy » zum Artikel

Don't say no to BYOD and personal clouds, but understand the legal risks when you say yes

This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach. » zum Artikel

Small Businesses Put Themselves at Risk by Not Taking Security Seriously

Senior management at small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) are failing to take cyber security seriously and are putting their organizations at risk, according to a recently released study by security research firm Ponemon Institute. » zum Artikel

Enterprises app stores may risk unbudgeted software costs

Enterprises introducing app stores could be leaving their business open to unexpected software audit penalties, a report has suggested. » zum Artikel

The risks and rewards of the age of APIs

The Age of the API is upon us, presenting developers with new opportunities to generate income by linking to the data and services of others. But developers need to be careful when navigating the new API landscape. » zum Artikel

JLT risk specialist improves its own system monitoring

JLT Group, the international group of risk specialists and employee benefits consultants, is completely overhauling its power, environmental and security monitoring across over 100 offices in 33 countries. » zum Artikel

Survey: younger employees break the rules and put your company at risk

Despite the freewheeling autononmy implied by the "bring your own device" movement, companies that embrace the consumerization of IT still have policies in place to govern the management and security of those devices. According to a new survey from Fortinet, though, a majority of younger employees are more than willing to ignore those policies if they don't agree with them. » zum Artikel

How to assess risk when considering cloud computing

This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter's approach. » zum Artikel

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Wer Beziehungen zu Kunden professionell organisieren will, braucht eine Customer-Relationship-Management (CRM)-Software, die mehr als nur Kontakte verwaltet. Wir stellen fünf günstige Lösungen mit besonderen Funktionen vor, die nicht jedes CRM bietet.
Wer Beziehungen zu Kunden professionell organisieren will, braucht eine Customer-Relationship-Management (CRM)-Software, die mehr als nur Kontakte verwaltet. Wir stellen fünf günstige Lösungen mit besonderen Funktionen vor, die nicht jedes CRM bietet.
Smartphone, Notebook und Tablet-Rechner sind heute für viele Mitarbeiter ebenso unverzichtbar wie früher wie Festnetztelefon und der PC. Doch dieser Trend wirft Fragen bezüglich der Absicherung von Geschäftsdaten und Anwendungen auf den mobilen Endgeräten auf. Zur Wahl stehen unterschiedliche Konzepte, von rigiden Vorgaben bezüglich der Endgeräte über verschlüsselte Container bis hin zum Einsatz von virtualisierten Desktops.