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Samsung stellt Gear Fit vor

Smartwatch mit gebogenen Display: Samsung stellt Gear Fit vor (Foto: Samsung)
Smartwatch mit gebogenen Display: Samsung stellt auf dem Mobile World Congress in Barcelona mit der Gear Fit eine weitere Smartwatch vor. Nach der Gear 2 und Gear 2 Neo legt Samsungs Gear Fit den Schwerpunkt auf Fitness-Tracking. » zum Artikel
  • Christian Vilsbeck

Samsung Galaxy S5 specs revealed along with S5 Zoom and S5 mini

Specifications for Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone have been revealed online. » zum Artikel

Samsung reveals Galaxy S5: Water resistant, biometric security, 16MP camera and more

Samsung has revealed its Galaxy S5 will be resistant to water and dust, will feature a finger scanner and will have a 16MP camera at Samsung's Unpacked event in Barcelona. » zum Artikel

Samsung's Galaxy S4 mini lands Stateside in November

After getting our first look at it in May and some hands-on time in June, Samsung's petite Galaxy S4 Mini is finally headed to AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and U.S. Cellular in November. There's no word on pricing or an exact release date, but we should start to hear announcements from the carriers in the coming weeks. » zum Artikel

Samsung sells over 10 million Galaxy S4 smartphones in first month

Samsung Electronics has reported global channel sales of over 10 million units of the Galaxy S4 in less than a month after its global launch. » zum Artikel

New 5-inch BlackBerry Z30 still carries the same old stench of death

BlackBerry announced its biggest, most powerful phone yet on Wednesday, but despite that impressive-sounding blurb, the BlackBerry Z30 reeks of "too little, too late" and may just be the last handset ever released by the iconic company. » zum Artikel

Sprint says Galaxy S4 shipments will be slightly delayed

Sprint warned Wednesday that it will be "slightly delayed" with its full launch of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 on Saturday as planned. » zum Artikel

Here we go again: Samsung announces another huge phone with the Galaxy Note 3

Congratulations are in order for Samsung: The world's most prolific smartphone manufacturer has managed to add yet another gargantuan device to its ever-increasing Galaxy lineup. The Note 3 phone-tablet hybrid naturally follows the Note II, adding a faster quad-core processor, bigger, battery, higher-res display, and 4K video recording capabilities. » zum Artikel

Black Friday free-phone offers: Are the deals real

Black Friday is known for its epic tech deals, but why shell out cash when you can get stuff for free Or even for profit! » zum Artikel

BlackBerry's Hail Mary, the Z30, lands on Verizon in November

BlackBerry has a last gasp, touch-only phone coming in November, and for U.S. fans the device will only be available only from Verizon. On Monday, the carrier announced the 5-inch BlackBerry Z30 would be a Verizon exclusive when it launches next month. » zum Artikel

Samsung teases 'Premiere 2013' event with new Android and ATIV devices

How many hardware tricks can Samsung possibly have hidden up its metaphorical sleeve After already debuting the Galaxy S4, Mega, Core, Win, and Galaxy Tab 3 in the early months of the year, Samsung has at least two more devices to launch this summer. » zum Artikel

Samsung confirms limited supply of Galaxy S4, cites 'overwhelming global demand'

Overwhelming global demand may limit initial supplies of the Galaxy S4 smartphone, Samsung said Wednesday, while both Sprint and T-Mobile USA confirmed there would be delays. » zum Artikel

Sony Xperia Z Ultra: Big and dangerously thin

Thin is certainly in, at least where gadget design is concerned, and although other Android-handset manufacturers claim to have the thinnest model, Sony has swooped in with a large phone that really is thin. The company that brought us the Walkman and the PlayStation likely figured that being the thinnest phablet on the market would give the Xperia Z Ultra an edge over its large competitors. Not ... » zum Artikel

Samsung sees value in bigger Galaxy Mega smartphones

Samsung struck again today, announcing two even bigger Galaxy Mega smartphones with 5.8-in. and 6.3-in. LCD HD screens. » zum Artikel

Samsung Ativ S im Test

Smartphone mit Windows Phone 8: Samsung Ativ S im Test (Foto: Samsung)
Smartphone mit Windows Phone 8: Samsung erweitert seine Smartphone-Produktreihe um das Samsung Ativ S. Das Gerät mit Windows Phone 8 erinnert optisch und im Inneren an das populäre Galaxy S III. Es spielt preislich in der oberen Mittelklasse. » zum Artikel

Galaxy Note 3: Even more features packed into a (slightly) bigger body

Another day, another device--that's what Samsung makes us feel like with the exhausting lineup of phones and tablets it's debuted in the last year. Its latest release, however, the Galaxy Note 3, is at least worth paying attention to. It's the third iteration of the company's not-quite-phone, not-quite-tablet Note line, and its internal specifications make it one of the most powerful handsets out ... » zum Artikel

BlackBerry Q10 review: Qwerty lovers rejoice!

According to BlackBerry representatives, 80% to 90% of BlackBerry's 76 million subscribers are still using older BlackBerry smartphones with physical keyboards. That's a lot of people who will likely be delighted by the new BlackBerry Q10, with its stylish qwerty keyboard, vivid Super AMOLED display and updated BlackBerry 10.1 software. » zum Artikel

HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S4: 5 Reasons to Choose the One

The HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 are two of the hottest smartphones on the market today. But which one is right for you Different people have different needs and expectations when they purchase a new smartphone. So I've created two lists to help make that crucial decision. The following list spotlights five areas in which the HTC One outperforms the Galaxy S4. For an opposing viewpoint and ... » zum Artikel

Samsung Galaxy Gear: Meet the smartwatch that simply tries too hard

Damn my infernal pants pockets. The salesmen at the store said they would be useful for storing small personal items--car keys, loose change, lint--but he didn't warn me that they'd be a crappy place to keep my smartphone. Somehow, some way, whenever I need my phone the most, it's lodged deep in my front pocket, entrenched and inaccessible. » zum Artikel

BlackBerry Z30 deep-dive review: Upgraded software in a great 5-in. smartphone

The 5-in. touchscreen BlackBerry Z30 smartphone may sadly become a modern-day fable, one in which pundits shake their heads over a great phone that just couldn't make it in the wider marketplace. » zum Artikel

Galaxy Note 3 deep-dive: A plus-sized phone with perks and quirks

Citizens of the smartphone-using world, hear this: When it comes to what you carry in your pocket, size definitely matters. » zum Artikel

Reactions and reflections: Should Apple be scared of Samsung's Galaxy S4

It's nearly a week since Samsung launched the Galaxy S4, in the meantime we've seen Apple react with a new webpage describing what's so great about the iPhone, coupled with a promotional email. We've seen analysts question whether the S4 will be a match for the iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6, depending on the name of the next iPhone). And we've laughed at the murmourings from around the web about Samsung's ... » zum Artikel

Droid Ultra deep-dive review: Bigger, but not necessarily better

There was a time when Verizon's Droid brand was practically synonymous with Android. While some of the sheen may have since shifted to other, ahem, Galaxies, the Droid name continues to be a place for VZ to launch big phones that no other carriers carry. » zum Artikel

Samsung Galaxy S4 deep-dive review: A real-world evaluation

Some things in this world need no introduction. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is not one of those things. » zum Artikel

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Mit Super-AMOLED-Display und einem günstigen Preis will das Windows-Phone-Gerät Samsung Omnia W überzeugen.
Pünktlich zur IFA hat Samsung die Smartwatch Galaxy Gear vorgestellt. Die Armbanduhr ist mit einem 1,63-Zoll großem Super-AMOLED-Display und einer 1,9-Megapixel-Kamera ausgestattet. Steuern lässt sich das Gerät über ein Smartphone, das per Bluetooth gekoppelt wird. Ohne Koppelung wartet die Uhr nur mit grundlegenden Funktionen wie Uhrzeit und Datum, Schrittzähler und Kamera auf.

Das Galaxy SL sieht aus wie das Galaxy S, kommt statt Super-AMOLED-Display aber mit einem Super-Clear-LCD.