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Make Windows Media Player the default audio player in Windows 8

Like many Windows 8 users, I spend most of my time using Desktop mode, which affords me a more Windows 7-like experience. » zum Artikel

How to play DVDs and Blu-ray discs in Windows 8

When you install Windows 8 on your system, you gain access to a number of new features. Some are clear upgrades over previous versions of Windows--the new system-wide search, for instance--while others are more controversial "side-grades," rather than clear improvements. There's one thing that's a clear-cut downgrade, though: DVD playback. » zum Artikel

PowerDVD 13 Ultra media player is loaded with under-the-hood improvements

The PowerDVD Ultra series have been the most powerful, feature-laden DVD, Blu-ray, and media players available at retail. On the other hand, each version has also been somewhat slow to launch and sluggish to respond. Version 13 starts up more quickly and is better all around, although it's not a startling upgrade if you already have version 12. That said, there are more than a few new features here, ... » zum Artikel

Microsoft's 'go-low' play puts Windows revenue on the line

Analysts were uncertain today whether the recent stretch of "go-low" moves by Microsoft means that the company has tweaked its strategy to emphasize services at the expense of devices. » zum Artikel

How to play .avi movies in Mavericks

Reader Jon Nunes has old movies and a new operating system that don't see eye to eye. He writes: » zum Artikel

Neue Smartphones, Tablets und Smartwatches

Samsung, Sony, HP, Huawei und Co.: Neue Smartphones, Tablets und Smartwatches (Foto: Sony)
Samsung, Sony, HP, Huawei und Co.: In Barcelona trifft sich zu Beginn des Jahres mittlerweile traditionell die mobile ITK-Branche. Neben Trends wie 5G, irgendwas mit "Connected" und neuen mobilen OS gibt es natürlich jede Menge spannende Geräte. Eine Auswahl. » zum Artikel
  • Christian Vilsbeck

Media tablet showdown: Retina iPad Mini faces newly beefed-up challengers

What a difference a year makes. Last year, the then-new iPad Mini was the unquestioned top pick for a media tablet, thanks to its friendly iTunes software for managing your personal media and its superior hardware, which easily outperformed the corner-cutting componentry used by competitors to gain a price advantage. » zum Artikel

MLB.TV to play ball with Xbox One, PlayStation 4 during 2014 season

The confetti from Super Bowl celebrations hasn't even been swept up yet, and already Major League Baseball is here to remind you that the first pitch of the 2014 season is right around the corner. And when those games do get underway, you'll be able to watch them on more devices than you did last year. » zum Artikel

6 audio/video players to ease the sorrow of losing Winamp

Alas, poor Winamp! We knew it well. One of our favorite audio and video player/streamers, we loved that it kept on kicking the Llama's butt year after year. Time and the competition caught up with it. Support and development have ceased. Sigh. » zum Artikel

Stream Nation is a private media cloud, with lending privileges

I don't miss the days of storing dozens of DVDs, but I do miss how easy it was to loan them to friends, or borrow one knowing that all I had to do to watch it was pop it in a DVD player and press Play. Digital files are convenient to own, but moving them around can be a minor hassle, especially if you have to convert the files to play nice with various devices. » zum Artikel

Slingbox gets AirPlay, Roku support and second-screen features

Sling Media released a major upgrade for its SlingPlayer app on Monday, adding AirPlay and Roku support and creating a stronger "second-screen" experience for users of its place-shifting video devices. » zum Artikel

Sony aims to take 4K mainstream with US$4,999 TV, media player, download service

Sony will soon launch 4K TVs far smaller and cheaper than existing models, along with a 4K media player and download service, all aimed at bringing the next-generation TV format into the mainstream. » zum Artikel

The Macalope Weekly: Fairness and accuracy in the media

It's just another day in technology journalism as an old "favorite" (ironic quote alert) somehow continues to get his mash notes to Apple's competitors published. Meanwhile, all trends must be judged in terms of their relative badness for Apple, regardless of any data points to the contrary. Finally, just take Google's word for it! » zum Artikel

WD rolls out secure My Cloud drive, media hub

WD (Western Digital) today unveiled a hard drive that acts as a personal cloud, offering password-protected access to data over the Internet via any mobile or desktop device. » zum Artikel

Nero 2014 Platinum: Burning and media creation suite gets easier to use

The ever-competent Nero disc-burning and multimedia creation suite takes on almost easy-to-use status in its latest incarnation, Nero 2014. Considering that the platinum version of 2014 burns all manner of optical discs, converts video for nearly all devices, plays Blu-ray movies, and provides about 90% or the media creation and editing features of more expensive suites, it's also a bargain at $130 ... » zum Artikel

Download streaming media and watch it anywhere, anytime

Subscribing to Hulu Plus or Netflix is a great deal--until you find yourself on a less-than-perfect Internet connection. Perversely, your streaming media library is most valuable in places where you can't access the Internet: Watching a movie or burning through episodes of your favorite TV show is the best way to get through a long plane trip, a car ride, or a vacation in the middle of nowhere. » zum Artikel

4 ways Amazon can fix its crummy Cloud Player

The biggest failing of Apple's iTunes Match is its 25,000-track limit. (It has others, to be sure.) Apple gives you no control over which tracks you store in the cloud, nor does it offer an option to pay more for additional storage. If you're a music fan with a large library, you have to perform a frustrating dance to create a secondary iTunes library, or simply remove items from your main library, ... » zum Artikel

Hands-on with RealPlayer Cloud, the latest attempt at easy video sharing

RealNetworks--yes, that RealNetworks--thinks it's come up with a better way to help you store, move, and share your personal videos. Dubbed RealPlayer Cloud, the new service launches Tuesday in the U.S. and Canada with free and paid options, and broad support for video formats and devices. » zum Artikel

Battle of the media ecosystems: Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft

Once upon a time, tech behemoths such as Microsoft and Apple battled to persuade businesses and consumers to purchase their computers, mobile devices or software packages. » zum Artikel

Nasturtium Player review: Put together iTunes and YouTube playlists with ease

Editor's note: The following review is part of Macworld's GemFest 2013. Every day (except Sunday) from mid-July until late September, the Macworld staff will use the Mac Gems blog to briefly cover a standout free or low-cost program. You can view a list of this year's apps, updated daily, on our handy GemFest page, and you can visit the Mac Gems homepage for past Mac Gems reviews. » zum Artikel

Asian markets ripe for digital media harvesting

The 'VIP' economies offer a great potential for growth in the digital media space, said Vishnu Mohan, CEO, Havas Media APAC, who was speaking in a panel discussion in the Festival of Media Asia Pacific (FOMAP). » zum Artikel

Musique is the simple and beautiful music player you've always dreamed of

When listening to music on your computer, you can go several different ways. The first is to use a huge, well-known music player such as iTunes or Windows Media Player; the second is to opt for streaming using Spotify, Pandora,, and others; and the third is to go for a smaller, lesser-known player that suits your exact needs. Musique (€8.99/$12 after 20-day free trial; Linux, Mac, and PC) ... » zum Artikel

Review: QNAP NAS meets XBMC media center

It's not often that you run across a device that is not only certified for VMware virtualization use, but can also play back HD content through an HDMI port to a television. QNAP's TS-669L can do exactly that -- and more. » zum Artikel

Virgin Media launches Cloud storage service: Offers 50GB free

Broadband provider, Virgin Media has announced its own online storage service called Virgin Media Cloud. » zum Artikel

Social Media Getting More Spontaneous and Less Personal

Social media is a fickle activity. The more we do it, the more our practices, attitudes and aspirations for its use change. While users generally play to the audience they're reaching on these channels, they're also gravitating from one outlet to another to stay fresh and engaged with the growing world around them. » zum Artikel

Transform your PC into a mean, media-streaming machine

If you're anything like me, you've built an impressive media empire inside your PC. You've compiled album after album of sweet jams. You've got reams of cherished photos from all your adventures, and your video collection spans everything from smartphone gag reels to family movies to high-resolution videos ripped from your DVD collection. » zum Artikel

The Patriot Aero streams media without wires--not even a power cable

Like its Seagate Wireless Plus and Corsair Voyager Air competition, the Patriot Aero is by all appearances a simple, if somewhat large, 2.5-inch external USB 3.0 hard drive. The only clue that it's also a wireless multimedia streamer is the Wi-Fi indicator light. With apps for Android and iOS, you can easily access the Aero's content from the majority of portable devices, but it has no DLNA server ... » zum Artikel

Getting started with QuickTime Player X

As a newish Mac user, you may wonder what allows your computer to display pictures and play music and movies. Wonder no longer. This bit of media magic is performed by something called QuickTime. Originally developed in 1991 as a multimedia technology that accompanied the System 6 operating system, QuickTime has been built in to every version of the Mac's operating system since. » zum Artikel

Spruce up your Windows Media Center TV guide with My Channel Logos XL

Despite Microsoft's endless attempts to crush my enthusiasm, I continue to be a fan of Windows Media Center. At least, I'm trying to be: It's not included with Windows 8. I'd literally have to spend $100 to get it as part of Microsoft's Pro Pack. (Windows 8 Pro users can buy WMC for $9.99, a slap in the face to the rest of us.) » zum Artikel

Adobe issues critical security updates for Flash Player, Reader and Shockwave Player

Adobe released security updates for Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Shockwave Player on Tuesday to address critical vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to take control of systems running vulnerable versions of those programs. » zum Artikel

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Like many Windows 8 users, I spend most of my time using Desktop mode, which affords me a more Windows 7-like experience.
When you install Windows 8 on your system, you gain access to a number of new features. Some are clear upgrades over previous versions of Windows--the new system-wide search, for instance--while others are more controversial "side-grades," rather than clear improvements. There's one thing that's a clear-cut downgrade, though: DVD playback.
Hewlett-Packard's top CES 2013 product announcement is about a display. That's right: Not a laptop, not a tablet, but a relatively pedestrian PC display. Now, perhaps, we can see why the company didn't rent any booth space in Las Vegas this year.