2003 IT Budgets Growing at Snail's Pace in Europe

Von Dean Blackmore
2002 war das Jahr des Sparens. In den europäischen Unternehmen wurde das IT-Budget vielfach nur zu 76 Prozent ausgeschöpft. Da die Signale für eine wirtschaftliche Erholung ausbleiben, sieht Gartner-Analyst Dean Blackmore auch für dieses Jahr nur ein moderates Wachstum.


The IT market in 2002 was characterized by restrained spending. The global economy and the IT sector in particular have not recovered as many economists had hoped, leaving a cautious approach to spending at present. In 2002, IT managers continually re-evaluated the IT budget, and with this re-evaluation came a closing of the purse strings. Many 2002 IT budgets did not reflect the same figure at the end of the year as was projected at the beginning.

In January and February 2003, Gartner Dataquest conducted a survey of 424 end-user organizations in Europe. The target respondent within each organization was an individual responsible for, or knowledgeable about, decisions made regarding the organization's IT budget. The study was conducted in seven European countries, across nine vertical markets, and within varying sizes of businesses and provides a good insight into the current and future buying patterns within these markets.

This research was created to help business and IS managers compare their enterprise IT spending with that of peer organizations. As with any survey data, many potential interpretations and analyses exist. The survey respondents represent a mix of enterprises of different sizes and vertical industry segmentation. Although 424 respondents represent a statistically valid population size, care must be taken in making blanket assumptions or assertions about the trends that the survey data suggest. Moreover, any survey is dependent on the accuracy and completeness of the data supplied by the respondents.

Key Findings

Following are the key findings of the survey: The 2002 IT budget as a percentage of 2002 revenue by vertical industry is shown in Table 1.

For the full report, see the Gartner Dataquest Focus Report "2003 IT Budgets Growing at Snail's Pace in Europe" (ITSV-EU-FR-0139).

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