7 inter-related habits driving high performance

Many companies are looking for quick fixes and easy answers to ride out difficult economic times, but often don't realise performance comes down to practicing what they preach.

Insync Surveys has conducted a ground-breaking study of workplace culture that draws on data collected from more than 100,000 employee responses from 200 organisations to identify seven inter-related habits that drive sustainable high performance.

High-performing companies build meaning, purpose and inspiration into the fabric of their culture and the jobs for their employees. These are integrated into their leadership, culture and messaging. Low-performing companies don't create a stimulating work environment or inspiring culture -- they simply get people to come to work, work hard, get paid and go home.

Understanding these seven business habits of high-performing companies will not only ensure you get the most out of your employees, it will ensure they are highly engaged and eager to get to work:

1. Live an inspiring vision In high-performance organisations, 54 per cent of employees believe the senior leadership team has an inspiring vision for the organisation.

2. Communicate clear strategies and goals Sixty-nine per cent of employees in high-performance organisations understand the company's overall strategies and their implications.

3. Develop your people High-performance organisations have effective plans for developing and retaining their people and are committed to ensuring the right people get promoted.

4. Go out of your way to recognise your people Leaders in high-performance organisations go out of their way to acknowledge and thank people for their contribution.

5. Genuinely care for your people Almost 80 per cent of people in a high-performance organisation would recommend the company to family and friends, specifically because 'the organisation cares about and is committed to me'.

6. Listen and adapt to customer needs Almost 80 per cent of people in a high-performance organisation believe the company consistently demonstrates its commitment to achieving long term customer loyalty.

7. Continually improve your systems A high-performance organisation is demonstrably committed to continuous improvement.

Nicholas S. Barnett is a director, business leader and strategist with over 35 years' experience. He is CEO of Insync Surveys and author of the new book, 7 Business Habits That Drive High Performance (Major Street Publishing). nbarnett@insyncsurveys.com.au

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