A Laptop for Every Budget

Since the turn of the year we have seen some interesting laptops and notebooks from a variety of vendors like Sony, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, and MSI -- and there's one for every budget. Here's a quick glance in case you missed any of them.

For the budget-conscious laptop buyer, there are new kids on the block to consider. Both Acer and DellDell have refreshed their Aspire and Inspiron series of laptops, respectively, with offerings from Intel's new Core i3 and Core i5 processor architecture. The Acer Aspire 5740 is a "refreshed" version of the Aspire 5738; Dell has given similar updates to its value-for-money laptops, the Inspiron 14-1464 and Inspiron 15-1564. If you want the best possible configuration and feature set for just over Rs. 35,000 (US$770), consider the 15-inch Acer Aspire 5740; however, if you have a fixed budget of less than Rs. 33,000, the Inspiron 15-1564 is a very good entry-level budget laptop--with good looks, too. Multipurpose laptop Alles zu Dell auf CIO.de

The Sony VAIO CW series laptop is probably the best 14-inch all-purpose laptop we have seen from Sony's stables yet (we eagerly await the mouth-watering VAIO E series). The VAIO CW has a smooth matte finish with good looks and a potent combination of processing power, oodles of RAM, and a very good dedicated graphics card - the Nvidia GeForce GT230M, a card that can actually boast of more than just casual gaming on this 14-inch mainstream laptop. The VAIO CW also has very good multimedia potential, but it is a tad costly and has poor battery life. Slim and Stylish

Probably the most eagerly awaited thin and light business laptop from Dell, to say the Vostro V13 had us excited is an understatement. It did two things exceptionally well, the Dell Vostro V13: incorporated a slim, thin all-aluminum shell design of the premium Dell Adamo at an unbelievably low price tag. The Vostro V13 has very good build quality and some unique design elements, and it's an elegant business laptop to have in a boardroom. It has a ULV processor, and offers good performance. Dell targets the Vostro V13 at businesspersons but frankly it is for anyone who wants an elegant, slim, one-of-its-kind ultraportable at an affordable price. Thinspiration

The HPHP Pavilion dm3-1035tx is a stylish 13-inch thin and light laptop with a very good hardware configuration. What's more, since it's part of the Pavilion series, the HP dm3 is a pretty good multimedia laptop as well. The Pavilion dm3 has a nice all-metal shell, weighs under 2-kg, comes with a nice-to-type isolated, chiclet-styled keyboard, but has a quirky touchpad. It doesn't come with a built-in optical drive but HP bundles a sleek DVD writer - just in case. It's great to consider if you want a fully-functional 13-inch laptop that is light and doesn't skimp on performance and multimedia potential. Thin and Light Warriors: More than a Netbook Alles zu HP auf CIO.de

There are netbooks and there are laptops. But increasingly, thanks to new low-voltage processors from Intel and AMD, 11.6-inch thin and light ultraportables like the HP Pavilion dm1, Acer Aspire 1410, and Lenovo Thinkpad X100e are offering greater performance compared to a large-screen netbook of similar form factor. These are almost fully functional laptops, offer excellent ultraportability, and have a performance jump of anywhere between 50% to over 100% in comparison to any mainstream netbook -- they can play smooth 720p HD files. Possible cons Compared to a netbook, these laptops have reduced battery life and have a slightly higher price tag. The MSI X430 is a 14-inch thin and light laptop for you to consider, in case you aren't convinced with the compromised screen and keyboard of a netbook - and as less as Rs. 35,000. A Good-looking Thinkpad

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