AMD's beta drivers help with Just Cause 3 PC performance issues, says Square Enix

I noticed a few technical issues during our Just Cause 3 review, but now the game’s out I’m here to tell you about even more. Or, rather, Reddit/Steam Reviews are here to tell you about more.

Seems like AMD users in particular have been hit hard by Just Cause 3, with reports of unplayable frame rates, hard crashes, and a particularly nasty error that turns the entire world into a series of triangles. Here’s a screenshot posted to Reddit by user 1v1meinminecraft:

A few Nvidia GeForce owners chimed in with issues too, though they seem to be minor and more on par with the ones I encountered—some microstutter, occasional crashing. For its part, Nvidia put out a Game Ready driver for Just Cause 3 and Rainbow Six Siege this morning so hopefully that fixes the issues—though I’ve noticed some Steam reviews still complaining about optimization post-driver update. I haven’t gotten a chance to test it personally yet.

AMD users Your solution is a bit more hackneyed. A Square representative posted this on Steam:

Those beta drivers can be found here. Not exactly a rousing start for AMD’s new Crimson platform.

Some other things to try: Disable the Steam overlay (by going to your Steam settings, then the In-Game tab) and disabling V-Sync. Both of these have met with some success, especially in getting rid of stutter.

Other than that...all you can really do is sit tight. Or refund the game, if you’d rather take your $60 elsewhere. For people experiencing hard crashes or bugged quests, it’s doubtful a driver update is going to fix those issues. Avalanche was pushing out major patches at a fairly rapid clip during our review period (two in the past week) so hopefully another is right around the corner.


Hayden Dingman

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