Analysis Of The European Wireless Security Market

Drahtlose Kommunikation findet zunehmend Verbreitung. Dabei gerät die Sicherheit der Netzwerke ins Hintertreffen. Die Analysten von Frost & Sullivan befassen sich in ihrer Studie mit den Möglichkeiten der technischen Absicherung und der Marktentwicklung.


The past three years have seen an increase in the number of wireless communication devices. The emergence of these mobile delivery channels enables new business opportunities for a large number of companies and individuals. However, security is one of the most important obstacles to the full-scale deployment of wireless devices, since it can allow access to sensitive corporate information.

Wireless security represents the joint effort of several parties, from - but not restricted to - mobile device vendors, mobile equipment manufacturers, security vendors, wireless operators, systems integrators and consultants, the organisation and, ultimately, the end-user.

Solutions Available

There is a wide range of solutions in order to secure wireless environments. It is important to secure all elements of the wireless security spectrum, including mobile devices, wireless transmissions and networks, gateways and servers, and back-end systems. Many of the solutions available for the wired environment are also available for wireless users. Sometimes, these products need slight modifications to support wireless and at other times need to be built as a new product. However, it is important that wireless environments are properly secured.

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