Android device updates: Verizon Galaxy Note 4 jumps to Android 5.1.1

Some say that patience is a virtue, and boy is that ever true when it comes to Android updates. A couple of models that have been waiting a while, Verizon’s Galaxy Note 4 and AT&T’s Nexus 6, are finally getting new software. 

Each week, we compile all the major software updates to hit the Android ecosystem, including phones and tablets on U.S. carriers, unlocked phones, Android Wear smartwatches, and Android TV devices. Making sure your device is running the latest available software is a good housekeeping practice, ensuring you have the latest features with fewer bugs and gaping security holes.

Galaxy Note 4: You probably know by now that updates crawl slowly in the world of Verizon. The latest tortoise to finally hit the finish line is the Galaxy Note 4, which is getting Android 5.1.1. This at least gets you up to the latest build of Lollipop, though unfortunately it might be another long wait for Marshmallow. Verizon says the update includes security updates, removes the Amazon Appstore, upgrades the Samsung Knox platform and supports Google for Work.

Moto X (2014): So you’re stuck with a phone that won’t be getting Marshmallow. At the very least,  Motorola has unlocked the bootloader so you can install a custom ROM if you’d like. This won’t help those who just want a phone that works and gets updates, but it will at least extend the device’s life some for those who want to tinker.

Nexus 6: Here’s another update that finally gets you up to speed. The AT&T branded version of the Nexus 6 is getting Android 6.0.1, which means the latest bug fixes that followed the initial release of Marshmallow. The AT&T support page offers additional details, including a very specific breakdown of the update process, so it’s worth checking out.


Derek Walter

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