Antivirus Test: A Quest for Nearly Objective Rankings


* Norman: The Trust Port AV software uses the Norman AV engines in its product. Since the engine was already being tested (sort of) I chose not to test it again. They also appear not to have a free evaluation copy of their software.

* Virus Chaser: Another AV product from the People's Republic of China. For the most part, the site was better translated than the others from Korea and China. However, having said that, the link on the site to download the software is either broken or deliberately severed. I tried many times over the course of a week to download the software.

* MicrosoftMicrosoft OneCare: Cheap shots at the software giant aside, this product is at the end of its life. Microsoft plans to roll out a new anti-malware product in a few months code named "Morro." Since I decided at the beginning of these tests not to evaluate any AV that is (or will be shortly) discontinued, MS was left out. Alles zu Microsoft auf

RANK -- AV Product -- MalwareMalware Identified -- Percentage of Total Alles zu Malware auf

* 1. -- G Data -- 36,423 -- 99.95 percent

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