Apple admins convene in The Mini Apple

At JAMF Software's annual user conference, the venue and the attendees made an impression on me. The venue was the Guthrie Theater, a striking building in downtown Minneapolis on the banks of the Mississippi River. The attendees (1,300 people registered for the event) were Apple admins and users of JAMF's software for managing Apple devices in corporations, schools and government agencies.

AppleApple isn't the dominant choice for enterprise deployments, and the Guthrie Theater felt like a renegade choice, too. Built in 2006, the shiny blue volume stands among leftover concrete mills and silos on the Mississippi. The vestiges of Minneapolis' flour-milling past have been deliberately preserved, as condo developments, museums and public parks have risen around them. Alles zu Apple auf

For a tech conference, the Guthrie had some limitations. Wi-fi access was inadequate. Inside the theater spaces, where the sessions were held, there were no outlets for recharging devices. But, to be honest, I didn't mind the connectivity inconveniences. The Guthrie's vibe outweighed them. 

Designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, the Guthrie is a striking place. Instead of feeling institutional and sterile, like some conference rooms, the theaters felt comfortable and warm. They're spaces for artists, which felt appropriate. (In a nod to homegrown talent, the music piped into the theaters between sessions included tunes from Minnesota music icons Bob Dylan and Prince.)

A spectacular cantilever, dubbed The Endless Bridge, extends over the riverfront. All along the cantilever, deep window boxes with mirrored sides frame views of the Mississippi riverscape. Support techs were set up inside the cantilevered space so JAMF users could meet with techs.

At the end of the bridge, attendees congregated on a platform with outdoor seating and fantastic views. It was a perfect spot for lunch. (Minneapolis treated its visitors well, with 50+ afternoon temperatures and sunny skies all three days.)

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