Apple Watch developers offered data centre to the wrist performance analytics

AppDynamics says its application development platform will now support apps designed for the new Apple Watch, to help support and reassure Apple Watch developers and their customers about watch and app performance.

The support includes real-time monitoring and analytics support for the WatchKit extension that controls the Apple Watch's user interface.

With the tools available in the AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform, developers and app owners will be able to see and understand the performance of their Apple Watch-enabled apps, the WatchKit extension and the end-to-end user experience.

Key metrics including app latency, crashes, stalls, errors and other performance measures will be captured. Custom metrics are also available, such as how the watch is being used to interact with the app, round trip time for data travelling between the iPhone and watch, and timers to measure user behaviour.

Bhaskar Sunkara, chief technology officer for AppDynamics, said: "AppDynamics gives full visibility into the performance of the WatchKit extension, which Apple calls 'the brains of the operation'. When the extension code is performing well, you know your app is performing well on the Apple Watch."

Sunkara added: "What's happening in a distant data centre in the cloud can dramatically affect the performance of the Apple Watch on the user's wrist. And if there's a problem, the app is going to get blamed, because that's what the user is looking at.

"That's why it's critical to have visibility into the entire distributed, service-oriented application ecosystem - as AppDynamics does - to deliver the optimum user experience. If a 'glance' interaction takes ten seconds to complete, that could end up turning the user away from the application for good."


Antony Savvas

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