Are Chromebooks a danger to open source software

Are Chromebooks a danger to open source software

Chromebooks have proven to be extremely popular devices, with many getting rave reviews on Amazon from very satisfied customers. But are Chromebooks a danger to the long term health of open source software A writer at Datamation shared his thoughts in a recent article.

Bruce Byfield:

Chromebooks outsell Windows laptops

Speaking of Chromebooks, they've become popular enough that they've outsold Windows for the first time ever.

Joey Sneddon reports for OMG! Chrome!:

Five best affordable to premium Chromebooks

Chromebooks offer a wide range of choices to users, from very affordable to high end premium devices. 9to5Google has a helpful roundup of five of the best Chromebooks for all kinds of users.

Cam Bunton reports for 9to5Google:

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