As Dell cuts, Apple adds job in Austin

If there is one area in the U.S. that can absorb Dell's planned workforce cutbacks, it may be the Austin, Texas, area, one of the nation's hottest areas for tech jobs.

The region, which includes Round Rock, DellDell's corporate home, employs about 120,000 people in the technology industry, and and the tech job market is growing at a rate of 5% to 6% a year, said Angelos Angelou, who heads AngelouEconomics, an Austin-based economic development and site location firm. Alles zu Dell auf

"This economy is on eight cylinders," said Angelou. He expects the Austin area to add 30,000 jobs overall this year, on top of the 27,000 to 28,000 gained last year.

On Monday, Dell said it was cutting its global workforce by a " small percentage," but wouldn't disclose a number.

At the time of last spring's release of its final annual report as a public company, Dell employed 113,000 globally, including about 40,500 in the U.S. The annualk report covered the fiscal year ending Feb. 1, 2013. Dell has since gone private.

Dell employs about 13,000 to 14,000 workers in Round Rock and the rest of the Austin area, said Angelou, who believes that the local economy job growth is good enough to absorb Dell employees impacted by the reduction.

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