Audiovox brings aftermarket Siri to your car

Are you desperately craving Siri-integration in your vehicle, but you don't want to go out and buy a new Chevy Spark or Sonic

Never fear--Audiovox has you covered with its 2013 line of Audiovox "Driven by DICE" MediaBridge connectivity devices. MediaBridge is an aftermarket vehicle integration kit--a Bluetooth-enabled plug-and-play device that lets you control your car's existing radio and head unit by talking to your iPhoneiPhone, iPod, or iPod Touch. Alles zu iPhone auf

The new line of MediaBridge kits are fully compatible with iOS 6, and will let iPhone users use Siri to perform basic voice-activated tasks through the car's voice-activation system. For example, a driver will be able to press a button and ask Siri to make phone calls, change the radio station, or send text messages.

MediaBridge works with a vehicle's built-in buttons to bring users easy Siri activation. If your car has steering wheel voice buttons, these buttons can be used to control Siri. Otherwise, MediaBridge turnes your car's radio scan button into a one-touch Siri activation button.

The rest of Audiovox's line of vehicle integration products will also now support connectivity for iPhone 5 users. According to the company, these products will allow for "seamless integration" of iPhone 5s, new iPod Touches, and new iPod Nanos, without the need for an extra Lightning-to-30-pin adapter.

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