Audiovox brings aftermarket Siri to your car


Audiovox also had a couple of non-Siri-related announcements at its Monday press conference, including a new wireless charging cradle (the first of its kind) and an update to its popular Car Connection vehicle-monitoring device.

The company showed off a wireless charging cradle that uses Qi wireless charging technology. The cradle, which features quick-release locking arms that fit around "most" smartphones, can be mounted in your car via a suction cup on the windshield, or in your cup holder. It plugs into any 12-volt cigarette lighter and, according to Audiovox, charges most devices as quickly as a regular power cable. The charger will be available this summer for about $70.

Car diagnostics

Audiovox has also updated its Car Connection device, a small vehicle-monitoring device that plugs into a car's on-board diagnostics (OBD) port. This port, which is typically located within two feet of your car's steering wheel, feeds information about your vehicle--things like the reason for a lit-up "service engine" light. Dealers and mechanics use this port to diagnose your vehicle when you take it in for repairs, but Audiovox's device lets you diagnose (to a certain extent) your car's problems by yourself.

The company is adding a couple of new features to its Car Connection device, including remote start, remote lock/unlock, and the ability to automatically determine if the vehicle is in an accident. If the vehicle is in an accident, the Audiovox device uses the Sprint wireless network to automatically notify someone (the driver can choose who will be notified), and to call for roadside assistance.

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