Aussies worth watching

[[xref=|CLICKFIND]] provides a searchable directory of Australian businesses, products, and services. The company's offerings combine a fair and efficient search engine with comprehensive business listings. The idea behind Clickfind is simple: connect businesses with customers. The company aims to become the one source for all of Australia's businesses.

[[xref=|GRA]] offers consulting, professional services, and advanced planning systems across a broad range of industries. The company's clients include many of Australia's leading organizations in industries such as manufacturing, distribution, fast-moving consumer goods, defense, and service parts/repair. GRA typically works with capital-intensive companies across industries throughout the Asia/Pacific region.

[[xref=|GREENINNOVATION]] believes business sustainability today is all about using resources in an efficient manner, which is both good for the bottom line and for our environment. GreenInnovation connects forward-thinking organizations with innovative, cost-effective experts in the theory and practice of sustainability. The company specializes in the identification and application of measures that fit business resources, culture, and organizational mission.

[[xref=|INXCHANGE]] provides business-grade hosted, managed exchange services to organizations throughout Australia and the world. inXchange's whole-of-business e-mail solution is inclusive of all of Exchange e-mail, calendaring, and contacts, with the addition of support for mobility that is part of MicrosoftMicrosoft Exchange. Alles zu Microsoft auf

[[xref=|RPO]] Inc's Digital Waveguide Touch products integrate into a range of information systems. The DWT products provide advantages over current touch technologies and are available in a wide range of sizes for use in systems such as cell phones, PDAs, tablets, and industrial displays.

[[xref=|TANGLER]] provides a service that lowers the barrier and raises the bar in finding and participating in discussions on the Internet. Tangler's aim is to power millions of new conversations on the Internet using the company's technology and open culture.

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