Azio Vision Keyboard Wireless Edition review: This model is easy on the eyes and hands

Azio’s $60 Vision Keyboard Wireless Edition (currently $54.99 on Amazon) helps the vision-challenged with a backlit keyboard sporting large-print letters on the keys. The sturdy design also has a comfortable wrist rest and snap-out legs.

Depending on my mood (or my deadline), I often pound the keys, and the Vision Wireless handled my heavy-handedness with aplomb. The individual keys felt pleasantly poofy—a floating-like sensation under the pads of my fingers as I typed. The travel on the keys has just the right amount of depth to deliver a satisfying clickety-clack.

I’m near-sighted, but I still appreciated the oversized character labels and the backlit keys. The dial on the keyboard lets you adjust the brightness, but the maximum setting could have been brighter. The company is currently working on a fix to enhance the backlight—and it’s also making the USB charge port more visible, one of our few gripes.

You don’t need to be as blind as a bat to appreciate the comfort of the Azio Vision Keyboard. You could just be heavy-handed and enjoy the comfy travel. In either case, this Azio keyboard is an excellent choice.


Aoife M. McEvoy

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