Bad to the Bonn: European Harley-Davidson phone joins the Windows Phones gang


Blu teased its phones a few months ago at Computex, while YEZZ preannounced then: The unlocked Billy 4.7 Windows Phone device with red, white and blue covers is now available for $249 at Amazon and other retailers, with service available through AT&T or T-Mobile. It boasts a 4.7-inch, 1280x720 display, and a 2- to 8-megapixel front and rear camera.

The Archos 40 Cesium has a 4-inch display and comes with 3 back cases in yellow, blue, and black. It'll be available in September for only $99, Microsoft said.

Polaroid was also said to be showing off a Windows Phone at the IFA show in Berlin, but the company has said that it was only a concept at this point.


Mark Hachman

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