Beyond Meritocracy: 6 Ways IT Employee Performance Evaluations Are Changing

Evaluating employee performance is never easy. The tired old methods - holding an annual performance review, grading employees on a scale of 0-5 and basing pay increases only on a standard employee scorecard used for every role - are no longer effective. Instead, experts say social media, ongoing employee feedback, apps for evaluating performance for various IT roles and much more holistic efforts help go beyond basic meritocracy.

"A number of high-profile firms are doing away with forced ranking," says Lisa Rowan, an IDC analyst, referring to the practice that requires firms to identify a set percentage of employees who rank as high, medium and needs improvement. "There is some movement away from having a static once-per-year process towards more meaningful ongoing feedback."

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Several emerging techniques and performance-related apps help make evaluation less about the yearly score and more about motivation and improving performance. Here are six that experts suggest.

1. Agile Performance ManagementPerformance Management Through Frequent Discussions Alles zu Performance Management auf

Going beyond a simple meritocracy of annual reviews and compensating employees directly as it relates to their scorecard is being replaced by something more agile - specifically, the use of agile performance management.

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