BeyondTrust announces Privilege Manager 4.7

BeyondTrust, a provider of Privileged Access Lifecycle Management solutions, has announced Privilege Manager 4.7, the first solution to elevate the privileges of Internet Explorer based on approved URLs stored in Group Policy.

According to a media statement, the new features in Privilege Manager 4.7 make it easier to migrate to Windows 7 and maintain recommended security configurations that remove administrative rights from end-users. The latest version of Privilege Manager enables wild card characters in policy rules and allows the enterprise to manage when policies are activated based on timing, frequency or network access.

"For enterprises where desktop security is an important initiative, Windows 7 lacks the necessary granularity to effectively manage enterprise-wide privileges, putting enterprises in an uncomfortable position. They must either adopt the recommended security practice of removing administrative rights, which will overwhelm their help desk with support calls and hamper productivity, or grant end-users privileges that can provide access points for malware, hackers, and insider threats," said John Mutch, CEO of BeyondTrust. "Privilege Manager 4.7 is essential for a secure migration to Windows 7 in large enterprises."

BeyondTrust Privilege Manager 4.7 enables enterprises to remove administrator rights while allowing users to run all authorised applications by transparently granting administrative privileges to the specified applications and activities that require them, the company sources said.

BeyondTrust Privilege Manager 4.7 will be available in April 2010. Pricing starts at US$30 per seat. The IT company said current Privilege Manager customers will be upgraded as part of their upgrade assurance programme.

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