Browser rivals mock Microsoft's 'native HTML5' claims


"Apropos of 'native HTML5,' I have no idea what it means," said Bruce Lawson, an open-standards evangelist for the Norwegian browser maker and co-author of Introducing HTML5 .

"The beauty of the Web is that it's not native to anything. It works on the newest AndroidAndroid phone, any desktop browser and even the ancient Nokia phone a friend of mine in India has," said Lawson. "Even though the native devices are completely different, the thing that unifies them is the Web. And HTML5 is the new evolution of the lingua franca of the Web." Alles zu Android auf

Haavard Moen, who works in Opera's desktop QA group, was more blunt in his criticism.

In a personal blog post, Moen blasted Hachamovitch. "HTML5 is not native. It is not supposed to be native. It is silly to even attempt to tie HTML5 to a specific platform," Moen wrote. "Hachamovitch should be ashamed of himself for signing his name to such a shoddy piece of dishonest marketing nonsense."

The lack of a clear definition of "native HTML5" forced Lawson and others to speculate on what Hachamovitch meant.

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