Cash-reward app uses Tableau to help brands understand its customers

Shopitize is using Tableau to give leading UK brands a peep into its consumers' shopping baskets.

Shopitize, a UK leader in mobile, interactive shopping data gives the brands that own McVitie's, Cheerios, Cadbury, Haagen-Dazs and Kellogg's cornflakes information on its customers to create targeted mobile marketing promotions for UK shoppers, and inform its future business strategies.

Shopitize gives UK consumers cashback on their shopping straight to their bank account in return for uploading their receipt.

While browsing the aisles, shoppers use the mobile app to scan food and drink barcodes. Shopitize will alert them of any offers in competing supermarkets that might save them money. Once they have bought their shopping, they upload a photo of the full receipt to Shopitize for a cashback reward.

While it previously took a group of programmers and several days to develop reports about consumer behaviour for brands like Kellogg, now Tableau software visualises this information in minutes.

Dr. Alexey Andriyanenko, co-founder and managing director of Shopitize said: "Tableau has become an integral part of our real-time actionable insights offering, which provides brands with a direct mobile channel to consumers.

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