Channel opportunities lie in DevOps in today’s application economy: CA Technologies

The application delivery space has been evolving for some time but the problems arising from it is global and specific in the sense that it has no defined vertical perimeters, according to CA Technologies solutions strategy vice-president, Burt Klein.

Klein said no longer do customers purchase a product and wait weeks before it is delivered; they expect to have it immediately after purchasing it from online channels, which is changing the application economy.

“People in banking have the same problems as those on the gaming industry, as those that are in infrastructures and retail. So businesses need to take what they’re doing today around application delivery, become more nimble in additional capabilities and increase their speed to market,” he said.

According to Klein, 15 years ago, the problem with IT was going to market cheaper, faster, and with high-quality products. He said that hasn’t changed but technology has been cut off from the business problem.

CA Technologies A/NZ partners and alliances manager, Kevin Van Gils, added to that and said he sees the same in the local market. Gils claimed customers in all verticals and sizes see challenges in the application delivery space.

As such, the company has been working with its channel partners to educate them on the benefits of DevOps.

“When we talk about DevOps and application delivery, it’s not all about technology. We leverage our SIs because they are the experts in people and process, in addition to delivering our technology,” Klein mentioned.

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Gils said many partners and the channel should be out there talking to customers about application delivery and understanding the problems that they are facing as companies are realising their digital footprint – be it Web or mobile – is a major player in their brand.

“There is significant demand out there in all verticals. All customers are getting into the software space and as that happens, the channel should be in the front line to interpret the needs from those customers and help bring technologies to them,” Gils claimed.

He added that the space is one in which CA Technologies in investing heavily in, following its acquisition of Rally Software Development.

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“It’s an interesting place that we’re investing heavily in, and Rally is just an example of that.” Klein said the future of application delivery will see people using consumables from other people.

“What I mean by that is, people will aggregators of solutions owned by other people – think of it like an Airbnb. I see this happening with traffic management programs, shopping, and education especially with distance learning. And security will be a key element in this,” he concluded.


By Hafizah Osman

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