Corsair returns to 'Sails' logo, scuttles the hated swords

You yelled--some of you probably even cried--and Corsair listened. Corsair's "Swords" logo, unveiled last year, is dead. The "Sails" logo is back, albeit modernized a bit.

The story behind the story: In case you missed the controversy, last year Corsair debuted its new "Corsair Gaming" brand for peripherals (headsets, keyboards, et cetera) with an all-new logo based on crossed buccaneer swords (see above).

That logo went out on all the company's new peripherals, from the RGB-enabled K70 and K90 keyboards to its H1500 and H2100 headsets. And everyone hated it. "It looks like a tribal tattoo" was the most common complaint, though this piece of art is really my favorite of the bunch:

Well you can breathe easily. Last week I was sitting in a briefing checking out Corsair's latest Bulldog case when I noticed it had neither the sails logo of old nor the ugly swords logo:

Here's a closer look:

When I brought it up, the whole room started laughing. "You're the first person to notice," said Corsair CEO and Founder Andy Paul. "Let's just say this: This is the logo that will be our ultimate logo for everything."

"What we found out is everyone loved and was pretty loyal to the old logo. We didn't realize it up until that point," said Corsair PR Director Rick Allen. "So we decided to unify everything under one logo, but we still wanted to modernize the logo, make it look more sleek."

As for the swords (may they rest in peace), Paul said, "There was a sensible premise behind that logo, when we chose that. A lot of areas of the world, South America, loved it. It was the US and UK that got on this tattoo thing."

"I mean, but the thing is: We couldn't buy PR like that," he continued, to which Allen quickly quipped, "Please don't buy any more PR like that."

So I guess some good news for anyone who bought one of the sword-emblazoned peripherals in the past year: You've now got a collector's item. An infamously ugly collector's item.


Hayden Dingman

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