Create a splash screen for an iWeb site with Keynote


3. Select File -> New From Theme Chooser, and pick a theme that suits your site. Select View -> Show Inspector, and click the Document inspector's Document button. In the Slide Size pull-down menu, choose Custom Slide Size and enter the iWeb shape's measurements to make your slide the same size.

4. Edit placeholder text to deliver a greeting to your visitors. To further customize text, choose View -> Show Format Bar, and change the font, type size, and more with the options below the Toolbar.

5. Add media. An intro should reflect your site's content in an entertaining way. For me, that meant adding a picture of my cat and a little music.

To add media, select View -> Show Media Browser. Click the Photos button and drag a picture onto your slide. Click the Audio button and drag in a song (don't worry, its icon won't appear in your intro). Note that your intro movie's length will be the same as your song. To shorten a song, select its icon and adjust the Start & Stop slider in the QuickTime inspector. You can also add a movie to your slide from the Movies browser, and its length can be similarly adjusted.

6. Add animations----or builds----to elements in your slide with the Build inspector. The Build In button controls how objects appear in your intro; the Build Out button controls how objects disappear; and the Action button lets you change an object's appearance in-between. Other options control build durations and the order in which they occur. To keep things simple, just select each element in your slide and give it a Build In effect.

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