Customer Relationship Outsourcing in Europe

Das Outsourcing im Bereich des Customer Managements wird in den nächsten Jahren weiter anwachsen. Mit Blick auf diese Entwicklung müssen Dienstleister die richtige Mischung aus Personal, Technik und Marktabdeckung sicherstellen, um ihre Kunden zufrieden zu stellen, so die Analysten von Datamonitor.

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Customer relationship outsourcing remains a key sector for both technology vendors and the call center market as a whole. For technology vendors, outsourcers are often the early adopters of technology and because of their visibility, they provide a proving ground for new features. For in-house call centers, they represent potential substitutes and the public standard by which their cost and effectiveness are judged.

Customer relationship management (CRM) technologies have radically changed the agent-customer interaction. These and other drivers have placed the call center, once thought of as a no-glory, cost-generating necessity, in the spotlight. The new emphasis on the call center is good news to service providers. CRM provided the necessary tools for outsourcers to give themselves a makeover. Traditional outsourcers, who used to be known for overflow and telemarketing activities, can now use CRM technologies to climb up the value chain.

Market evolution

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