Cyber attacks remain security threats in 2013 -- Verizon study

Cyber attacks of all forms will continue to pose a threat to organisations this year. According to a recent data breach report by Verizon, authentication attacks and "hacktivism" are some of the top threats that organisations should be prepared for.

The newly released Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report noted that while all-out cyber attacks are least likely to be a threat this year, organisations should still brace themselves for any possible data breach as cyber attackers will persist.

"First and foremost, we don't believe there will be an all-out cyber war, although it's possible," said Wade Baker, principal author of the data breach report. "Rather, an enterprise's 2013 data breach is much more likely to result from low-and-slow attacks."

The Verizon report noted that 90 percent of threats this year will be in the form of authentication attacks and failures. But organisations should also prepare for any continued espionage, Web app exploits and social engineering that cyber attackers can launch at any time.

Authentication attacks

"Nine out of 10 intrusions involved compromised identifies or authentication systems, so enterprises need to make sure they have a sound process for creating, managing and monitoring user accounts and credentials for all of their systems, devices and networks," Baker said.

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