Dell's first gaming display doesn't really pack G-Sync Gen II, but it still looks nice

The huge PAX Prime gaming event is being held this weekend, and Dell seized the occasion to reveal a new addition in its hardware lineup: Its first-ever dedicated gaming monitor, the 27-inch Dell S2716DG . That alone would be newsworthy enough, but one tidbit really caught the attention of PC enthusiasts on the web. Dell claimed the S2716DG packs Nvidia’s “G-Sync Gen II” technology.

What magic is this Nvidia’s never announced a follow-up to its sublime G-Sync game-smoothing solution. There’s a reason for that: It doesn’t exist.

When PCWorld emailed for comment, Nvidia’s Bryan Del Rizzo said “No, it’s not [accurate]. There is no version 2.”

Shucks. And here I was getting all excited.

There’s still plenty to get excited about in the Dell S2716DG, though. It still supports G-Sync, just the G-Sync we’re already familiar with, and G-Sync can make PC games buttery-smooth for owners of Nvidia graphics cards. The S2716DG rocks a 2560x1140 resolution display humming at a stellar 144Hz, and you can use the monitor’s tilt, pivot, and swivel options as well as its height-adjustable stand to get the viewing angles just right. Dell's post doesn't mention whether the monitor's using a TN or IPS panel, however.

Connectivity-wise, it rocks a single DisplayPort 1.2 connection (required to use G-Sync), HDMI 1.4a, four USB 3.0 ports, USB upstream, and both headphone- and audio-out. Look for it to hit the streets on October 20 for $800—just not with G-Sync Gen II.


Brad Chacos

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