Deloitte names top 10 tech trends for 2014



A new section in the report is dedicated to exponential technologies, in collaboration with Singularity University, and highlights five innovative technologies that may take longer than the standard 24-month time horizon for businesses to harness them.

Examples include artificial intelligence, robotics, and additive manufacturing (3D printing). The research, experimentation, and invention behind these 'exponentials' are the building blocks for many technology trends.

Deloitte said that these technologies could lead to new 'Kodak moments', where existing businesses are wiped out (as Kodak was by digital cameras) by upstart companies harnessing the emerging technologies. "It will be about industries effectively leveraging technologies to improve their productivity and cost-efficiency, resulting in more agile and adaptable businesses that can create new opportunities," Hillard said. The exponentials are:

"Many business leaders confront exponentials in a negative way as they believe their survival is under immense threat. However, CIOs and business leaders need to adopt an abundance mindset and become aware of the limitless opportunity a population of digitally connected people will mean in terms of economic value," Hillard said.


Mike Gee

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